Science Puts Mind Power To Work: It’s Time You Did Too!

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“You know thoughts are things, right? Today, a human can run certain machines by mind power alone. There are toys kids can learn to lift a ball or run computer images in a race by thought power alone. Thoughts are energy. They can be measured.

They can be put to physical work. Isn’t that amazing? Yes.  Then again, no. From early times on sage men and women have told us thoughts are things. What we think becomes the results we get. Today, science helps us realize this through certain applications.

think we are still far more incredible than the current scientific applications. We are able to do far more than fly jet planes with our brain power, but it is a start. Having said this, realize your thoughts carry weight and power. They do create results!

Thoughts Are Things – You Get What You Focus On

You have, at your disposal, an incredible ability to change yourself and your life for the better by managing your thoughts.

SO today, imagine you are unstoppable. You are invincible. You are powerful to do what you want that is good for you and others; and that is kind, and cool. You are able to pursue your goals and dreams with tenacity and complete commitment. You persist. You go for it.

AND nothing can stop you! Whatever you put your mind to IN A POSITIVE WAY you follow through on. Imagine in your mind’s mental movie theater going for and accomplishing your biggest life goal and dream. Really savor how that feels to make it happen.

Imagine people congratulating you. Hear what they say. Feel the pats on the back, hugs, and the handshakes. See the look in their eyes as they tell you how wonderful it is and how happy they are for you. Take it in. Feel how good this feels. Embrace it. Enjoy it. Feel it!

Congratulations – You Did It – Excellent Job – Well Done – Bravo

You did it! That is because YOU ARE the kind of person who CAN do it. You did it because you willed to do it. You kept going and you did not let anything stop you. You decided what you wanted and you went for it. You helped others along the way AND made it happen.

You can look back over time and notice that through every obstacle you found a way. With each difficulty you learned something you benefited from and applied. Every challenge was actually a stepping stone to making your dream happen and you used each.

You overcame and you completed your pursuit. You got what you wanted. You are now enjoying it. This is incredible and you are invincible. You are magnificent. You are ecstatic! Delight in this. Wrap these feelings around you. Feel them through and through!

Notice How Good It Feels To Make Your Dreams Come True

Feel how wonderful to achieve your dreams. Take pride in that sense of accomplishment. Feel the confidence that you gained by making it happen. Really take the time to see and feel all of this because this or something better is how it can be. THIS is waiting for you.

Create your future. Move into your future by feeling what you would feel then, right now. Become these feelings. Feel successful because you are successful, you did it. You are invincible and magnificent. Celebrate the goodness. Appreciate all of it. Delight and celebrate everything right now!” Rex Sikes

Today, live your dreams!

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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