What You Can Conceive and Believe You Can Achieve

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“Anything humans have made first existed as an idea. It began as a vision which was then translated into reality. This is true whether the item is a chair, a freeway, or a political system. It begins in the imagination. Then it becomes physical reality.

Whatever you visualize repeatedly you bring to pass. What you see is what you get! What you say, the stories you repeat to yourself and others, is what you get. You are always actively manufacturing your reality and results in your life, wanted or unwanted.

Intended or not. People fear the worst. They imagine it, see it in their mind’s eye, and then it shows up. Not instantly, like magic, but eventually. We are creators. What we focus on we get. We must learn to switch our predominant focus to what we want and intend.

Life Isn’t Happening To You –  Life Is Responding To You 

Our difficulty manifesting stems from conflict. Whenever we decide we want something, that instant, part of us responds with doubt, fears, or worry. We don’t believe we can get it, or deserve it, or are good enough. We think others might but not us. Something wrong!

We run interference on ourselves. We imagine the lack, instead of what we want. We are a house divided instead of one united. So it takes much longer while we create not having it. Understand this? In order to get it we must focus on actually having it or being it.

If it is a car we must be a proud new car owner and feel like we have it. If it is riches, or confidence, or success we must feel we are rich, successful and confident prior to actually being any of those things. By imagining we are it we become it. When we become it we get it.

You Are The Creator – Your Thoughts Create Your Life

What we hold in our head we someday can hold in our hand. What we focus on we get. What we think about most we become. We must be congruent and believe we are entitled to it and feel one with it. I know, some readers ask how do we do it? By repeatedly doing it.

We need to stick with it. Repeat it, correctly, consistently for long enough and we will get it. We will come to believe it. We will end up having the faith and the feelings by doing it. It is a 95% mental game and a 5% strategy, know how to do it, game. Why rules over how.

The mind is the key to unlocking the door to everything you want. Why you want it, how you feel about it and think about it. Feel as if you already have it, enjoy it. Live as if! This is where we put most of our thoughts and efforts. Still, we must DO it 95% most of the time.

Life Is Your Call – Make It Wonderful – Live Delightfully

You can’t think about it once and then let doubt rule. You must walk your talk. Stay with it. Keep the dream alive in your heart. Most people will work really hard to try to get it, over work, trying figure it out. They will try this and try that but not rule their own mind.

The mind runs the show. Know how is fine once the mental game is on right. If the head isn’t on straight the  rest won’t matter much.  In my last post I mentioned visualizing your dreams and goals. I discussed  making great things happen through mental rehearsal.

What do you want? Build on your success. Keep moving forward and keep enjoying more of life. Focus on it and stay engaged with it. Delight in your mental rehearsal. Keep in mind you are creating. Oh, by the way, creation can be a messy process.

What Is Meant To Be Always Finds A Way – It Will Show Up

It never works the way we think it should. It can be tumultuous during the process. From chaos stars are born. So don’t dissuade yourself if things don’t seem to be happening. Don’t get bent out of shape and give up if some turmoil or difficulty arises. It is creation!

It rarely if ever happens according to plan. We imagine it. It happens but usually the end result, the culmination in our success, comes as a surprise. Almost as if it were an afterthought. That is why, sages suggest we think, ‘this or something better’ when creating.

We imagine it specifically but we let go of how it will show up. We expect it to come but we give up managing how and when and by what conditions.  Ask and we receive. Knock and wait. Expect and let go. Put in the order and remain eagerly certain it will show up.

You Don’t Play Golf To Relax – You Relax To Play Golf

It is on the way. When and how is not our concern. At least it shouldn’t be. That is where we get into comparing and fearing and worrying it isn’t coming, or it isn’t working, and we divide the house all over again. Instead of being focused on what we wan, we aren’t.

We dig a hole, fill it up, then dig it again, then scatter the dirt, then fill it up, while digging another hole and scattering the dirt and it goes on and on. We must stop, focus, get congruent in our thoughts and feelings. Live in alignment. That is why gratitude can be so powerful.

Remember, stop and smell the roses each time your pursue your goals and dreams. Remember to include thinking about and feeling grateful for all the blessings in your life. Live with appreciation moment to moment and you live well. Feel good about having it.

To  Perform As A Winner – You Must See Yourself A Winner

Feel grateful prior to it showing up. Live with appreciation and you won’t be concerned with micromanaging your creation. You’ll be too busy enjoying life. If you want it and don’t care how or when, but you are eager for it in an ‘oh boy’ delighted way,’ that works.

Then 95% of the time you are loving life, feeling positive and grateful and certain it will come. The mindset is ‘good things always come to me. Things always work out’. Feel blessed. Feel enthused, feel thrilled. Love every second of it! This is how to change your life.

It is simple to get things done. Far simpler and easier that most people think. It is surprisingly simple, even at it’s toughest, when you put your mind to work in positive ways. With the right attitude anything is possible! Believe you can and you can! Understand?

There Are Plenty Of Obstacles In Your Path Don’t Be One Of Them

Enjoy your mental rehearsal. Spend time imagining how wonderful everything ALL is. Enrich the mental experience by adding detail whenever you can. Enrich the sights, the sounds, the feelings. Perhaps, you notice smells or even tastes. Make it as real as possible.

Make it vivid and to your liking. After all, it is your movie in your head. Tailor it so that as you view it you feel supercharged and excited about it. It doesn’t have to be ‘rah rah’ cheerleader pumped, but it could be. Make it wonderful for yourself! Delight in it.

When you do this you are putting your order in to the universe. You are informing your subconscious mind that THIS is what I want. You are clarifying and amplifying. Feelings are the most important. So you build it with sights and sounds to really feel it. Get it?

It Is True – Thankful People Are Happy People

Journaling can help you too. Write out in detail what you want to occur. When you write it down you visualize. It is a good practice. Journaling, in this manner, a bit each day is a great habit to develop. Visualize each day too. Get good at it. Really feel it. AND let it go!

Stay with the dream but let it arrive however and whenever it does. Have fun along the way. Remember the aphorism, ‘it is not the destination but how you travel along the way’. Enjoy traveling. Have fun by yourself and with others.  It will happen. Keep the faith. Meanwhile, celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

Today, see it, say it, feel it, enjoy it!

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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