The Real Secret To Stop Losing And Becoming A Winner!

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“Believe it or not there is a real art to winning and losing. To lose all you must do is not think and do certain things. In order to win you must think and do certain things AND not think and do other things. Knowing the difference IS what separates winners from losers.

Positive thinking is NOT sitting in front of your garden thinking over and over again, ‘there are no weeds, there are no weeds’. That is not what positive thinking is at all. Any one who tells you it is, is mistaken. They don’t understand what a positive mental attitude is.

Your Life Improves When You Decide To Control Your Thoughts 

Positive thinking is, ‘I can easily weed this garden and make it beautiful. I’m going  to make this garden beautiful.’ Then it is tending to the garden. Then it is weeding and planting and making it beautiful. The weeds don’t prevent you. Nothing stops you.

Positive thinking is developing the correct, or right, mindset to make getting your goals the easiest and swiftest. It isn’t fantasy, sitting in your room , thinking and visualizing ‘money rains down on me’. It is thinking, ‘I can easily and quickly make all the money I need.’

Whether You Think You Can Or You Think You Can’t You’re Right

‘I have all the resources. I am rich in many ways.’ Then going and doing whatever you need to in order to make the money honestly. Positive thinking means your attitude is in place and your feel positive.  You feel unstoppable and invincible.

You feel you can do it. ‘To enjoy enduring success one must travel a little in advance of the world.’ You are mentally and emotionally prepared and equipped to handle whatever challenges come your way. You are mentally, emotionally and behaviorally resourceful.

Your Mind Is Powerful – Train It To See Good In Every Situation

You thoughts are ‘I can do it’ thoughts. You don’t win a game thinking, ‘crap I am going to lose. I am a loser’. You have a better chance succeeding thinking the thoughts of a champion. Thought leads to feelings and feelings lead to actions. Actions lead to habits.

Habits lead to results. We all have success habits and unsuccessful habits. We want and need to develop more success habits than unsuccessful habits. Success habits are learning and doing, and creating a positive means to accomplish your goal.

Nothing Changes Until You Change – Then Everything Changes

Unsuccessful habits are doubt, fear, worry, procrastination, fanciful thinking, laziness. In order to get to Paris you must take the steps necessary. First and foremost you must believe you can and that you will.  Then you do those things that get you closer and closer.

Never let anyone tell you positive thinking isn’t important. It is vitally important. It is the first step in getting your dreams and desires. You must know what you want and you must know that you can achieve it. If you can conceive it and believe it, it can be yours.

Determine How You Are Going To Live Your Life – Decide Now

It can be yours BECAUSE you make it happen. You are an unstoppable force that gets your goals. Your mind and emotions and behaviors and habits are all aligned to get successful results. Positive thinking IS necessary to win. Never think otherwise.

Those who say it isn’t either don’t understand what it is or have another agenda. It is an inner game, after all. From within to without. Our results begin with our thoughts. Make certain you are thinking powerfully and productively and that you take action.

Don’t Make Excuses – Make Results – Winning Is A Habit

To know and not to do is to not know. To know and not apply the knowledge is fruitless. To get what you want you must take action steps. You can’t sit in your room and teleport yourself to Paris but you can take action steps to actually get there. Think it and DO it!

Your thoughts are powerful. They either move you forward or you let yourself be held back by them. Think powerful, positive thoughts. Develop a winner’s attitude. Have the steel will of a champion. Become a victor. Be grateful and celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

The day becomes as you make it!

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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4 thoughts on “The Real Secret To Stop Losing And Becoming A Winner!”

  1. Yes I do believe that we have to, work towards being successful. Not just sitting and thinking about it. We need to get up and go about doing the correct things to be a winner. Thank you for this post 🙂

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