Drop The Crap, The Labels, The Diagnoses And Break Free Right Now!

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“You must absolutely understand this! You are not your problems! You are not your diagnosis! You are not the labels you wear! You are bigger than your problems, your diagnosis and your labels. You have been conditioned to accept these BUT YOU ARE NOT THESE!

You are beyond your problems and labels. You are more than the hat you chose to wear and the job that puts money in your wallet. You are more than a son or daughter, sister or brother, mother or father you are more than you can even begin to imagine. Become aware!

You are divine! You are light, love, goodness, and happiness. You are resourcefulness and clever. You are smart and you are wise. You are vibrating energies. You are unlimited, invincible and unstoppable. You are whatever you declare yourself to be. Affirm the positive!

Labels Are For Products Not For People 

Stop declaring your limitations and begin exercising your power to choose. Decide to live without the limitations of labels. Do not own what others say about you or to you. Do not own a diagnosis from a medical or mental practitioner. You can work with it but don’t own it.

It is not your illness. It is not your problem. It is not your limitation unless you accept it as such. You can understand a diagnosis and get assistance with it without owning it or labeling yourself as diseased, or broken. Let go of the labels and create what you want instead.

If you have been labeled by self or others, diagnosed by self or others let these go. Create what you want. Create sound health in mind and body. Practice good healthy mind and body practices. GET the treatment you require without owning the issue.

Never Accept A Negative Label – Stop Labeling – Start Living

Don’t make it yours. What you want to make yours is freedom, life, light, love, passion, enjoyment, positive energy; wealth IN health, mind, body, spirit and emotions. Create the you that you want to be. Never settle for anything less than the very finest. Live large.

Stop affirming problems. Live your dreams. Express your dreams and desires. Align your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors in positive powerful ways. Stop allowing the old way to rain on the new way. Take charge. Live as you are meant to.  Live fully! Live, love, laugh!

Enjoy! Free yourself from mental and physical constraints. Look to examples like Hellen Keller, blind, deaf, mute from birth. She didn’t let that stop her. Sean Stevenson had physical challenges but didn’t let that prevent him from become a dynamic force for change.

Address The Actions – Make Positive Changes – Don’t Wear Labels

Create yourself as the person you want to be. Declare it! Affirm it! Make it happen with positive emotional energy. Love yourself. Live in gratitude. Speak only about those things you want to include!  Drop concerns and comments that are less than glorious. Let them go!

Declare your life as you want it to be. Work on YOU daily. There is so much that is good, wonderful and beyond anything you can presently image. You will miss it if you don’t work on yourself. Free yourself up to see the advantages and opportunities. Do it now!

Now is the only time you have. Live right now. Find what there is to appreciate and savor it. Free yourself of labels and move forward with power and awareness. You are the author of your life. What is your book about? Script the life you want NOW and LIVE IT!

Make Your Legacy Life Affirming Laughter, Love, And Learning 

If it isn’t to your liking change it. It is completely up to you. Take charge! Don’t be a victim of past conditioning and chronically bad mental, physical and emotional habits. Become free to discover how incredible you already are! Celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

Have a great day!

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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4 thoughts on “Drop The Crap, The Labels, The Diagnoses And Break Free Right Now!”

  1. This is very true. Labels are for things not for people. We can always change. We can get better. Long ago I had a label as I was depressed. But today I am not depressed. So I am not under that label. As human beings we have so much of resources, chances to learn, improve, become well. Some do not take these chances. Thank you for the very inspiring article:)

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