You Get More When You Give It Away!

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“Today, share it! Give it away. Only talk about your blessings and the good that happens to you. Put a guard before your lips and keep everything positive. Limit yourself to just the blessings and the good stuff. You’ll be surprised at how much energy and vitality to save.

Not only will you save it but you will feel it. You will feel more alive, free and marvelous. Your overall sense of gratitude and well being will increase. Once you eliminate the negative, as an option to talk about and discuss, great things can begin to happen.  They do!

The Easiest Way To Solve A Problem  – Stop Participating In It

You reinforce the great stuff when you share it with others. You relive it when you replay it. You affirm it. The more you fill your life with these thoughts and conversations the more you create them. Be grateful for everything and you’ll have more to be grateful about.

Make your water cooler and social networking time produce good results for you. Stay focused and relive the good stuff. Let go of the not so good stuff. Help others learn to do likewise. Far better to have a positivity party than a pity party. Celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

Help another person to feel wonderful!

*** We are planning some new things! Soon  A Teleseminar with Rex  What are your questions, what do you want to know, what would you like help with? Use the comment section to let me know. I’ll let you know when, meanwhile, please let me know what you’d like. ***

Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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2 thoughts on “You Get More When You Give It Away!”

  1. True we need to give and share what we have in or lives. The best way to give is not expecting to get back but, “In giving you do receive” You find people, things come to you at the most unexpected times and ways. Thank you for reminding us the value of giving. Love and Light from me ❤

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