How To Get Through The Tough Negative Times!

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“Choose your thoughts. Pick the most positive, powerful, supportive ones you are able to. First, congratulations on making a decision. You decided to choose to focus on these positive thoughts. Focus on them. Let them be predominant in your mind. Affirm them!

Now, congratulations on choosing. Pat yourself on the back for doing something positive in your own best self interest. Instead of whining, complaining, making excuses and blaming yourself of others you chose to think positive. You elevated your thinking!

Really congratulate yourself. Celebrate for taking care of yourself. Appreciate yourself fully. If not fully, at first, then a little bit. Bit by bit you will come along. Whenever you move yourself positively forward be sure to express gratitude. Gratitude works wonders.

Your Happiness Depends On The Quality Of Your Thoughts

If or when you are tempted to think less than gloriously just – STOP – pause, take a break, do something else, move, shake it up. STOP and take a deep breath. Breathe, take another. Settle, relax. Become aware. Watch the thoughts. JUST watch them. Those thoughts!

They  are not YOUR thoughts they are just thoughts you have been conditioned to think. Those thoughts are old chronic habit thoughts from your past. It doesn’t matter how you came to think them right not, whenever you think those, stop and breathe and watch.

Simply become aware. Breathe. Then you can gently ask questions that lead to positive outcome for all. You want the outcome to be positive for you, and any others if they are involved. Use Directed Questions™ to direct your mind in powerful and positive ways.

Thoughts Are The Energy That Create Your Life – Choose Wisely

Activate your attitude! Choose to be different and think different thoughts. Choose and act positively for the best of everyone. Affirm the positive. Affirm how you can and will be positive and make the best of a less than glorious situation. Realize you can learn to.

You can learn t o do anything if you give yourself time and permission to do so. You can learn if you are open and willing. You can make positive permanent changes at the deepest levels if you allow yourself to AND you take the initiative. You truly can!

Once you stop blaming, whining, excusing and complaining you can do almost anything. You stop getting in your own way and you begin to move in new directions. Once you take responsibility for yourself and your abilities to control your thinking great things can begin.

You Are Confined Only By The Walls You Build Yourself

Tough times occur. That is just the way it is. Sometimes bad things happen. How you repsond determines much. You can react from old conditioning or you can choose to respond from awareness, understanding, positivity and power. It is all your choice!

You can support yourself greatly if you think, ‘I don’t know how this will turn out BUT I know it will always, in the long run, turn out for the best.’ You can think, ‘I have made it through troubles before, I always land on my feet’. Think, ‘I can handle this, watch me!’

Use Directed Questions™ and affirmations. Visualize what you want. Move forward step by step affirming your way. Pat yourself on the back for each bit of progress you make. Remember, don’t blame or excuse yourself. You will learn not to eventually, no worries.

Look To The Bright Side Of Life And Choose To Be Happy

When you set your mind on the outcome you want. Think ‘this or something better is coming my way’ and ‘I don’t know yet how blessed I will be in all this but I am eager and excited to learn what delightful surprises are in store for me’. Focus on what you want.

Focus on that which is good and positive for everyone involved. Encourage and nurture yourself along. Breathe, let go of difficulties, stay positive and celebrate.  Find gratitude and keep that attitude. Open your heart. Open your mind to wonderful, positive possibilities and celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

How many different ways can you find to amaze yourself today?

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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