Confession Is Good For The Soul


Yesterday I began with a confession. I continue today. I bottomed out at 25 and had to change or die. That was what I felt my options were. Then I made a decision. I committed. Some people have to have enough pain before they rise up. I know I sure did in my past.

Others just excel from the start.  It doesn’t matter. Everything is all good. Everything is a blessing especially if you can look at things that way. Challenges make us stronger. There is much to learn. Mindset is the difference that makes a difference. It is the edge we need to win.

You change your mindset to win! That is the starting place. Change the thinking and you change the feelings. As a result your actions improve, you replace the old chronic habits with new successful ones and you begin to get better results. Then you maintain it!

Live As If You Would Die Tomorrow Learn As If You Live Forever

My life, in retrospect has been perfect. It is perfect and it will be perfect. Perfect is what you make it! It IS what it is. Happiness inside first, as an attitude can see you through many tough times. I learned to be happy is a choice you have to make. You really have to choose.

I did. I finally decided to be happy no matter what. You Can Too

I could learn to be happy, healthy and wealthy. I could learn to be anything I desired to be as long as I would commit, put in the effort and not stop trying until I succeeded, OR, at least until I was proficient and then continued to improve. It is a decision. A choice.

I had no special skills or strengths. I floundered, drifted, was okay at something, better at others, and sucked at some. Average, I was average. I wasn’t special in any way. Most of my life I felt unlucky. Still, I managed. If I can you, or anyone else, can too.

If I Asked People What They Wanted They’d Say Faster Horses

I share this because if there is any reader out there doubting, feeling insecure, afraid, forlorn, angry at the world, self, others or god, you too can make it different. It may not be easy at first, but it is quite simple. You decide, you commit to yourself, to learn to be different,

You chose to learn how to control your thoughts, the thoughts that make you feel bad, and learn how to replace them with good thoughts, better thoughts that make you feel better. You understand that change starts within and moves to the outside.

Most of us think something from the outside will save us or help us. We think if the circumstances are right or if we get the right things then all will be better. WE HAVE IT BACKWARDS! It is mindset first that affects everything else and the results we get.

Attitude Is A Little Thing That Makes A Big Difference

Happiness is a choice that you can make. We choose to be happy, we choose to think better and we begin making adjustments from where we are at. We begin before we are ready and before we know how. We start right, here right now with what we have.

And with what we don’t have. We simply begin as we are this moment. Nothing more, nothing less. Now, this instant, is when the time is right and you are perfect for it. If you wait or delay hoping to get some extra knowledge you will only succeed in delaying it.

Change begins the moment we decide and commit to being different. Think, ‘I can learn to be happy. I can learn to decide to be happy. I can choose to be happy each moment. I am able to learn. I can do positive things for myself. I can chose to do what I want’.

Change Is Inevitable Progress Is Optional – ChooseAnd Commit

‘I am a creator. I created problems I can create solutions. I am powerful. I am positive. I am a learner and a doer. I can do positive helpful things for myself and others. I can find enjoyment where I didn’t know it existed. I am grateful I can walk.

‘I am grateful I can speak.’ Keep on expressing your gratitude. Think of the many reasons you have to be grateful. The people, things and circumstances in your life. Affirm them and feel grateful. Acknowledge your abilities and resources. Affirm them.

Repeat the positive mantras, like those above, again and again. Chant them with strong positive feelings. Make them count. Feeling are the secret to making it all work. The better you feel the more readily you create and attract. It works amazingly well!

Because When You Stop And Look Around This Life Is Amazing

Keep doing it. You may have some  great days, you will. You may have some not so great days, you will. Through all of it keep up the practice. Read positive inspiring books, listen to audios, find positive, uplifting people to hang around with. Fill your mind!

Fill your mind, heart,and soul with the positive, the good, the possible as much as you can during your waking hours. Practice seeing yourself as you want to be in your imagination. If you aren’t too good at it at first, hang in there. You’ll get better with practice.

You probably can’t juggle either if you haven’t tried. You can master both. You can become a great visualizer through practice. Enjoy building your skills and transforming your life. Have fun, delight, express your gratitude and celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

Today is another day to enjoy!

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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