How To Get What You Want: The Law Of Attraction Or Neuroscience Which Is It?


“It doesn’t matter whether you believe the Law Of Attraction to be real or not real. Simply consider it a working principle, like gravity. Whether you accept it or not doesn’t matter. Gravity doesn’t rely on you accepting it for the consequences of it to be real.

I don’t think the Law Of Attraction is some magical law that makes the outer world bend to your will. I think of it as The Law Of Cause And Effect. For every cause there is an effect. The notion of like attracts like is simple, birds of a feather flock together.

I don’t make a big, magical, mystical deal about it. I don’t make a big deal over gravity either. I don’t believe or disbelieve in gravity, I accept it as what is. Perhaps, that IS believing, but I go about my day and let gravity do its thing. It will whether I care or not.

Whether You Think You Can Or Think You Can’t You Are Right

Some may prefer to think of the Law Of Attraction as neuroscience seems to regard it. It is a matter of your perceptions and what you believe. Our outlook, our frame of mind, our neurological filters govern what we experience as reality.

Our brain and senses govern our connection with ‘out there’. This is what connects us to the ‘outer world’. Without our consciousness we don’t experience the outer world. Yes, it may actually exist if we don’t, but who can actually say. Einstein preferred to think it does.

Still, if you are in a coma, you may NOT experience the world as we know it. You may but not remember it, you may experience other things or you may not at all. I don’t think the jury is in on that one yet. Prior to human consciousness no one determines a day good or bad.

Birds Of A Feather Flock Together

No one complained about the weather. That takes weather and a human AND a purpose. If you plan to plant and the weather destroys your seeds one might consider this NOT a good thing. Because you wanted to plant and now you can’t it sucks. That is what humans do.

Humans add a judgement to what is. They add the value. They make it one up or one down when the reality is IT just IS. So people do the same with ‘faith’, and with ‘science’. We judge everything! We judge everything from our own limited perceptual maps and filters.

We, according to ‘neuroscience’, KNOW that we can’t KNOW everything but we act as if we do. We often act as if we ARE the authority and as if what we THINK is the case, is the case. It most probably isn’t but that doesn’t matter to us. We think it is.

Awareness Is Needed For You To Deliberately Change

So neuroscience is all about your neural pathways and perceptions and consciousness or awareness. It looks at our how awareness has evolved through time. Philosophy and religion do too. All of it is our best guesses about the nature of things.

I believe that we have an opportunity to get our brain and mind to work for us instead of seemingly against us. I believe our brain and mind IS important in how we experience the world and the results we get or don’t. I believe it does matter what we think and do.

Without human thought none of our human creations would exist. Thought created this world as we know it, good and bad. None of our buildings, roads, electronics would exist without thought and the ability to carry out plans. These exist because of thinking.

Thought Or Mental Action Precedes All Action 

Thought is a powerful creative force. Some people are free because of their thoughts some are imprisoned. Literally and figuratively. How we go through our daily life is dependent on the daily thoughts we think. Our results stem from our mindset and attitude.

Our feelings and actions, our habits are dependent on what we are thinking. Good thoughts lead to good feelings which lead to good actions and good habits. This pathway leads to good results. Are the results guaranteed? Nope, but they are more likely than not.

If you work at it and never give up you are bound to get further than the person who thinks they can’t or won’t. If you start and keep going  you are bound to get further than the person who never starts regardless of whether you know what your are doing or not.

You Reap What You Sow – What Have You Planted

It’s has everything to do with self alignment. You think and then you do and get back according to your thoughts and actions. Cause and effect, the Law Of Attraction or neuroscience, or pseudoscience you act and reactions occur. You shove and someone shoves back.

Get it?  You don’t have to make it mystical. You can see it happen everyday. You can see thought bring about results in action each moment. All you have to do is look and listen. Watch the people who whine and complain and what they think is preventing them.

Regardless of their answers or assignment of cause, the bottom line is, if they are complaining about not getting, they aren’t getting. It isn’t benefiting them to complain IS IT? Blaming not planting on the weather still means not planting. Until you plant nothing happens.

Don’t Expect Corn If You Plant Beans – You Reap What You Sow

YOU have to do it regardless of what you THINK prevents you. Obviously, I mean this to be about getting the good you desire for yourself and others in honest and legitimate ways. A conscience is still a good thing. More people need to use it.

Your thoughts affect how you  feel and the results you are able to get. It’s not magic but seemingly magical. So whether you believe you connect with the Universe or the Law Of Attraction bestows things on you or that your brain is doing it all doesn’t matter.

Just get your mindset straight and working for you. Think and grow rich as Napoleon Hill said. Think and create. Think and attract. Think and make your good thoughts happen because you are the principle thinker and architect of those thoughts. Do it. No one else will.

You Can Plant Flowers Or Weeds Which Are You Planting

Find or attract like minded people who are interested in making the same thing happen as you are and work together in harmony and precision. That is loosely the basis of a mastermind group. Birds of a feather flock together whether they are thoughts or birds.

Like minded people accomplished great things in this world in spite of experts and others, and their parents, telling them they couldn’t and that they would fail. They triumphed in spite of hardship, bad weather, raging seas, opposing forces and armies.

Most succeeded because they believed they would and because they felt they must. They thought straight into it. They acted their way forward. They let nothing stop them. Whether they believed in god or not they did it. You can too. You can make it happen.

To Get More Good You Must Think More Good And Do More Good

You don’t have to believe the Law Of Attraction is real or not. You don’t have to accept neuroscience. Make it happen because you believe you can make it happen. Then work to do it. If you believe in your purpose and in yourself you can bring it into being.

You can enlist the aid of others if necessary. Most things need others sweat or finances. People need people to move things along. Be nice. Go first if you want others to join you. Treat them well and be a person they can like, trust and be loyal to. Live high standards.

Think your way to success. Aim your thoughts. Manage them and your emotions and you can prevail. Be the Law Of Attraction in action and draw all good things unto you. Believe you can. Believe you can find or create away around any obstacle. Then you will.

Your Thoughts Make It So – Perception Is Everything

Attitude IS everything. Enjoy life to the fullest. Have fun. delight. Make it delicious. All work and no play, you know! Stop and smell the roses. Share your delights with loved ones and others. Be generous not stingy. Feel thankful and blessed and celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

Delight in this day!

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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