Take The 24 Hour Opportunity Challenge!


“Recently, Adam Markel, CEO and owner of the personal and business success training company, New Peaks, and author of the fantastic new book ‘Pivot: The Art And Science Of Reinventing Your Career And Life’ issued a challenge. I heard it. I accepted it.

You can too! I happened to be there when he mentioned it. I love it. It is a powerful, positive challenge, in line with all good thinking practices. He is passionate and dedicated to helping people transform their careers and their lives.

Adam walks his talk. He issued the challenge. I share it here so you can too. It is simple, absolutely simple. Whether it is easy remains to be seen. Regardless, the benefits can be huge. I hope you will join us and the others who already have begun.

The Bigger The Challenge – The Bigger The Opportunity

For 24 hours focus on opportunity. Think: There are no problems. Be: peaceful and calm. For 24 hours maintain your focus on this thought, this mantra: ‘I only see opportunities’. Remind yourself again and again. There you have it. Will you accept the challenge?

‘I see opportunities in everything. I see opportunities everywhere’. Notice the opportunities in everything. Look for the opportunity not the problem. Whatever occurs, steer your mind to how there is opportunity right there for you. If you go astray, gently return.

The challenge is to maintain this positive frame no matter what happens. Don’t look at or for the problem. Look at or for the opportunity. Can you imagine the opportunity in doing this? Not yet? Well, perhaps you will after you take the challenge.

Your Big Opportunity May Be Right Where You Are Right Now

Give it a try for 24 hours. One day. That isn’t too much to ask. Control and manage your thoughts for 24 hours. You can do it. It will be fun, illuminating and who knows what positive good you will discover? Are you up for the challenge. If so, do it! And then…

I suggest you do it again. Then again. ‘I only see opportunities’. Remind yourself. That is your mantra for 24 hours. Put a guard before your mind and thoughts, your eyes, your ears and your lips. There ARE NO problems only opportunities. ‘I see opportunity’.

It Is Not A Problem – It Is An Opportunity To Make A Change

Live and breath and speak only opportunity. For 24 hours you are not allowed to whine, complain, blame or discuss problems. Keep vigilant. If others are talking problems don’t join them. Don’t get sucked into gossip and other issues. Stay the course.

Do it. It can be life changing. While you are at it, read his new book, ‘Pivot’. You will be glad you did both. You may delight and surprise yourself by how powerful this process is. Take the challenge, have fun, learn a lot and enjoy! Celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

How many ways can you discover to delight yourself and others!

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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