Why I Insist You Take The 24 Hour Opportunity Challenge!


“Why do I insist you take the 24 hour opportunity challenge? Because mindset is everything. If you don’t believe it you can prove it to yourself. If you are honest and daring, committed to learning the difference and willing to play all out. If yes, go get some contrast.

If you aren’t familiar with Adam Markel’s 24 Hour Opportunity Challenge go and read the previous blog. Adam is the author of the new book ‘Pivot: The Art And Science Of  Reinventing Your Career And Life’. Alright, are you now ready to begin. Okay, get contrast!

For 24 hours think nothing but crappy, lousy, defeating, negative thoughts. Think how much you suck, the world sucks, everyone sucks. Nothing ever works out for you, you are a loser and won’t ever get ahead. Think these legitimately and fully commit.

Are you in? Are you going to do it? I wouldn’t but that is just me. Most people already think a lot like this. If they aren’t downright negative their thinking  is lackluster and mediocre. They aren’t thinking powerfully positive they ho-hum through life.

A Positive Attitude Gives You Power Over Your Circumstances

So if you want you can go ahead and experiment. Or you can examine your own thoughts and determine whether each one you are aware of is negative or positive. Does the thought support you or defeat you? Does it make you more powerful or weaker?

Do you feel more confident or less confident? Do you feel more happy or less happy, even angry or sad? Which is it? Either you are negative or positive? Where do you spend most of your thinking time; in ‘I can’t’ or ‘I can.’? Are you feeling energetic or tired?

Are you feeling on top of the world or as if the world is on top of you? Are you taking responsibility and moving forward and making progress with your dreams and goals or are you blaming others and the world and making excuses for why you haven’t or can’t yet?

A Negative Thinker Sees A Difficulty In Every Opportunity

Well, which is it? Mindset is everything! How you look out into the world determines largely what you find, what you feel and what you experience. It isn’t magical it is just what it is. If you feel like things suck well then they probably do for you. For you, not for everyone.

Another person may feel in charge and on top of things. What we think determines how we feel. How we feel from that thought determines what thoughts we think next. Each thought and feeling leads to another. It is cyclic. Either spiraling down or rising up.

Which is more predominant in your daily life? It it positivity and optimism, good feelings and fun? Are you filled with ‘I can do it’ and then you take action or is it otherwise? If it IS OTHERWISE the great news is you can change it. It may take some work but you can do it.

A Positive Thinker Sees An Opportunity In Every Difficulty

That is why the opportunity challenge is such a great vehicle. Look for opportunity. Set your mind on it. Refuse to consider anything else. See everything as an opportunity for something, for growth or learning or moving ahead or relaxing and chilling. Opportunity!

Instead of whining and complaining that you aren’t getting the breaks, perhaps you could make your own, if you only thought more powerfully and positively. Perhaps, you’d be more creative and imaginative and find new ways you haven’t yet considered?

Wouldn’t that be cool? Of course it would! But you have to dive in to get the benefit. No dipping the toes. You must fully immerse yourself! Okay, okay, if you want to run through the sprinkler first and get a little wet, fine. Try it out. Put it into practice. Implement!

Train Your Mind To See The Good In Every Situation

Learn to control your attention and energy. Learn to concentrate and focus your mind like a powerful laser beam. Make your mind do what you want it to instead of you being bothered by it. Use your backbone. Develop some iron will. Stop being wimpy.

Invest in yourself. Take the challenge. Set your mind on the positive and find out what is there for you. Don’t stop at one day. Keep going. Develop a powerful new unstoppable attitude. Live life fully. Take charge of yourself and live as a champion does. Have fun!

I bet if you really do this you will discover something incredible. I bet you will have insights and learning and all sorts of fascinating moments. Only you can convince yourself it is worthwhile so take the plunge. Dive in and reap the rewards and benefits!

Focus On What You Can Change Your Atititude –  Mindset –  Energy

Be enthused. feel delighted. Look around at all the incredible opportunity there is to discover. Look and listen. Feel it! Find the good in all things. Find the opportunities that once were hidden. You can do this! Feel grateful, be appreciative and celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

Discover delight in all you do!

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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