Why You Must Learn To Be Centered And Stay Open


“Do you ever feel stuck? Have you been confused and are not sure which way to turn? You seek answers but only seem more confused by the answers you get and aren’t sure what to do? Doesn’t this suck? Would you prefer to be free? Would you like to change?

There are times when we are hyper-resistant to what is going on. We resist what is. We could remain open. We could remain open and discover what Is actually there. Instead we project what we think is there. We judge. Our judgements stem from our conditioned mind.

We ask others for answers and then run those through our pre-existing filters and biases. We don’t like what the answers seem to be or we’re stuck and unable to decide. We fear making the wrong decision. Often, we vacillate and just spin wheels for a long time.

Nothing Is As Painful As Being Stuck Where You Don’t Belong

We aren’t available to what IS because we are too busy running around in our minds. We actually need to stop. We need to pause so we can decelerate. We need to take a breath and open up so we can actually notice what IS and free up from unproductive thinking.

Opening up and staying open may seem to be a difficult but it is eminently do-able but we have to practice it. We have to practice returning to center. We have to practice shifting. We have to practice opening up and experience what it is like.

Most of us didn’t grow up learning this. All of us were conditioned from birth on by the thoughts, actions, feelings, the preferences and prejudices of those around us. Most of our conditioning occurred before age 3 and was locked in by age 7. This is what we live from.

Fear Worry Regret – Will Consume You For As Long As You Let It

We can change it but only if we determine to change it. We can change it but only if we become aware that it needs to be changed. For many, crises and major downfalls are the precipitating ‘events’ or circumstances that lead to transformation. We CAN change!

Once we learn to open up and actually become present we can make better choices. Our resources are freed up. We aren’t engaged in ‘monkey minded thinking’ flitting from this possibility to that. We need to stop thinking at least momentarily and gather our energy.

If we stay open we can potentially discover more of what is going on, without judgement, and be there honestly in the moment. If we assume anything at all we miss the moment. We miss if we are in our heads evaluating what is going on. We miss so much anyway.

Be Present To Whatever Is Unfolding Right Now – Here And Now

This is why learning to develop focus and concentration is important. This is why learning to control and manage our thoughts and feelings is important so we can shift when necessary. So we can place our energy and attention where it is most useful. we can BE!

Instead of repeating chronic, habitual thoughts and behaviors we can learn new ones that serve us better. In the present we are more free to choose than from our conditioned past. This is why it is useful to focus on a candle, or on our breath. To learn how we become free.

The process to learn is to be able to return our attention when it strays. I have described this numerous times in these blog pages. We learn to come back to our center. We learn how to return to now, the present, instead of going off into past or future thoughts. NOW!

Realize This – The Present Moment Is All You Have – Drop In

Become aware of now. Stop the distractions. Then we can find our true essence, our true feelings, our true being. From this authentic place we can act free from the constraints of our habitual thinking. We can think freely and productively. We can decide.

This ability is developed  through time and devoted attention. It is developed by dedication and practice. It is a process. You can do it and discover how beneficial it is. It is harder to describe than to experience. Once you find your center you know where to return to.

Meditate. Let go. Observe without labeling. At first, you will discover glimpses. Seconds of awareness. As you progress you will discover longer moments. Spend time in the gap between thoughts and words. Notice this space and enjoy it. Ancient people knew this!

Live In The Present – Find Eternity In Each Moment – Be Here Now

Become aware. It is freeing. Read through my recent and past blogs for what and how to practice. Then engage. Doing makes it real. Thought translates into results. Don’t just be informed. Use the information for transformation.  AND ALWAYS live with gratitude and celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

Now Is the time. Here is the place. Celebrate it!

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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