How To Make Good Things Happen For Yourself


“Would you like to be blessed more in life? Would you like wonderful things to occur for you? Want better health, happiness, opportunity, money or things to show up? Whatever you want you can have but it is up to you. It’s not up to anyone or anything else. Just you.

Begin by feeling blessed. Feel it. Do whatever you must in order to feel enjoyment, delighted, happy, grateful and blessed. Do whatever you must that is positive, legal and safe, that is. That should go without saying BUT but some people make it necessary.

Feel grateful, feel positive, feel blessed. Feel happy, feel healthy, feel wealthy. You first. You go first. You feel it first. You think it first and then you open the doorway for having these. You won’t have them if you feel negative, worried, frustrated or crappy. It just won’t happen.

I Stumbled Across My Strength Because Of My Struggles

You create luck from your mindset. You reap the harvest from the seeds you plant. Whatever you want you can have as soon as you learn to think it and feel it into existence. At one time there were no chairs, spoons, clocks or computers. Someone had to conceive these.

Everything humans made began first as a thought and then were brought about by follow through. Think it, feel it is possible, believe in yourself and you can make it happen. Feel eager, excited, feel joy that good things can and will happen. You will delight yourself.

Most people say, ‘okay, I’ll try that.’ They say ‘o boy, I feel good. Now what?’ Then, when things don’t happen they follow up with, ‘see, I knew it wouldn’t work’. THAT is not believing. That is not trusting or having faith or being 100%. That is why it will not work. Bad mindset.

Life 10% What Happens To You – 90% How You Respond To It

You have to be 100%. You can’t halfway plant a seed. You have to plant it. You can’t halfway dive into a poo.l You have to dive in. Give yourself over to light, love, happiness and joy. Give yourself over to delight and enthusiasm and notice the difference it makes.

The good life can be yours but you need to create it. It doesn’t happen for you. YOU do it! ‘Luck is the crossroads where preparedness and opportunity meet’. YOU must prepare! Then take advantage of opportunity. You have to have skin in the game!

Begin feeling grateful for everything.  Feel blessed for everything. Appreciate the good and not so good. Live fully with appreciation. When things don’t pan out be glad. Be thankful for the opportunity to learn and evolve through challenge. Grow! Delight! Develop an unstoppable winner’s champion mindset. Celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

Have a glorious day.

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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