Stop Stopping Yourself And Start Making Your Dreams Come True


“You have a goal or a dream, right? Do you have something that is important you want to make happen. When you accomplish it or attain it you will feel more fulfilled and more complete. It would make you feel really good. Is that correct? Let me ask you this?

What are you waiting for? Why don’t you have it already? Take a moment and really reflect on these questions. Why don’t you already have what you want? Think about and list all the reasons. What you need? what holds you back? Everything you can think of.

Now realize this. Whatever your answer is your mind. That is the ‘reason’, the ‘excuse’ you don’t have it. Legitimate or not that is your conditioned mind coming up with the whys and the why nots regarding your dream. None are really legitimate. All are excuses.

Action Is The Proper Fruit Of Knowledge – Take Action

Don’t criticize yourself now, or me, just understand this. If you really wanted it why don’t you have it, yet? If your answer points outside yourself to circumstances or others or if it points to you those answers are your mental self talk about it.

That is what you ‘think’ the reasons are. Whether they actually are or not is anyone’s guess. Let’s pretend for a second they are not valid. All are B.S. From that frame what do you need to ask yourself to begin getting what you want? What questions do you need to ask?

How about these? What is one thing, large or small, and no matter how small, that I can begin doing today that would get me closer to making my dream come true? What is one action I can take each day that will help me realize my dream sooner?

He Who Waits – Waits 

Who do I have to call, ask or visit? What must I do? What do I need to stop doing in order to begin getting what I want? Examine your  thinking and find baby steps you can take in the right direction that helps you start bringing it about. Then take those small steps.

Whatever you have been waiting for, or whatever your reasons have been, have only delayed you from enjoying your dreams and goals now. Begin to ask yourself those questions and take those small actions, no matter how small, that move you forward. Do it today!

Do something positive today. Take positive, constructive action. Then celebrate. Be grateful. Pat yourself on the back for having ahead and waiting no longer. Continue to ask questions and find those tiny behaviors that move you forward. Action helps!

If You Want To Make Your Dreams Come True Start Now

Waiting does nothing for you. Take those small positive actions now. Ultimately, you will find other things you can do. If you ask of yourself enough, you can find the right people to assist you, and everything you will need AS you move forward. Don’t  worry about how just begin. Don’t delay. While you move celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

It is your day how will you celebrate it?

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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