How To Get The Support You Need To Pursue Your Goals!


“Wouldn’t it be nice, when you are pursuing goals, to have some support from the people around you? Actors pursue careers, as do others, that can take years to to manifest. It’d be cool if loved one’s got that. It’d be helpful if someone had your back, right?

No one actually ever makes it alone. Think about it. From the smallest manufacturing to the largest pursuit in life people rely on others to help fulfill aspects of it along the way. We need and rely on others. We have to do it ourself but others ARE involved.

If only we could find like-minded people to work with. Sometimes we do. That is what networking can lead to. We look for others who can assist us. One important aspect that too many people miss about networking is that we should look for people we can assist!

Life Is An Echo – You Get Back What You Send Out

Look for others to support and help out along the way. Lend them a hand. Be there for them. Cheer them on when needed. Pick them up and help dust them off when needed. Inspire and motivate and help them make their dreams come true. Be committed, honest and loyal.

You do it for others. Do it! Too many of us get caught up in ‘OUR’ pursuits and forget about others. If you help others get what they want, if you are sincere and genuine in doing so, you are far more likely to attract and generate the support you need. Get it?

The principle is go first. What ever you want, be it first. Be it for another person. Help them without expecting anything in return. If you do you are far more likely to have people like that enter your network. Keep this in mind. Be there for others.

What You Give You Get – What You See In Others – Exists In You

Birds of a feather flock together. Provide for others whatever you can and others can more readily provide for you. Why does this work? Because others see it. The feel it. They respond to it. Even those not directly involved can tell when a good person is around.

They act and or they refer. You attract the right people to yourself by being the right person first. Don’t pass up this important principle. Don’t miss out on getting some of the greatest help you could ever find. Be there for others. Enjoy being of service. Help with a smile.

Support others and allow others to support you. They will. It may not happen over night. It won’t happen if you have a secret selfish agenda. It won’t last if you take advantage of others BUT it will if you act with integrity and want to see them, and help them succeed.

Own Your Words And Actions – Be Aware What You Put Out There

Give your best, give your all, give of yourself and others can too. Be happy they are moving forward. Be happy when someone around you gets what YOU want. Don’t be envious or resentful. Cheer them on. Attract what you WANT! Don’t create what you do not want!

Be grateful. Have fun. Delight. Appreciate others and what they are going through. Focus on someone besides just yourself, some times. Smile, serve and support. Open yourself to the possibility that others can and will do likewise for you if you allow them to.

Be it! Be willing to receive it! Reflect what you want reflected back. Go first. Be genuine, loving, kind, open, available, honest and trustworthy. Enjoy creating and attracting win/wins. Be positive and encouraging. Support and assist. Celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

Find ways to fill your day with gratitude!

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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