Don’t Believe A Single Word! Stop Believing The Lies!


“What is it you think about yourself? Any reader here have some pretty negative personal self talk? Do you criticize and rag on yourself? Are you especially tough on you? I know I was. For most people we are harder on ourselves than on others.

That is a good thing. Probably why people can stand to be around us. Of course, sadly, some people are not. They are just as tough on others as they are on themselves. That causes more problems for certain. Hey, listen, lighten up, I am serious, lighten up.

Nearly everything, every negative, not supportive thing you tell yourself is based in prior past chronic ‘less than glorious’ conditioning you, and I, got from the time we were born. By seven  it was set, locked in.  We gonegative messages from others.

Be Careful Who You Pretend To Be You Might Forget Who You Are

The other day I heard a mother tell her young son that he asked stupid questions and was stupid. I was shocked yet I hear this come from others all the time. Sad! I don’t think she was trying to program him or make him feel bad but that came out of her mouth.

What do you suppose he felt? How many times do you think he has to hear this before he internalizes it? My guess is not too often AND he probably hears it a lot. Yes, we need to be careful what we say to kids. YES! We need to be careful what we say to anyone!

Just as important we need to recognize that much of our self criticism is learned or adopted from others and is not true about ourselves. It is misinformation. We have been misinformed about who we are and what we are capable of.  Put this crap to rest!

Stop Believing The Negative Lies You Tell Yourself – Stop Today

Recently, a dear friend told me something about me, many years ago, that made me feel incredibly good. This person whispered something to me. I instantly felt great! Wow, really I thought. Then I had a moment of, ‘gosh, I wish I had known this back then!’.

I wished I had believed it back then. I have been told this same thing a few times by others. Their perception of me ‘back then’ differed from my perception most of my ‘back then’ life. I wish I had grown up believing some version of what my friends shared with me.

Instead I believed a far less than glorious thought. I didn’t accept or think of myself anywhere close to what friends shared. How might my life have been different had I? OKAY no point crying over spilt milk. Right? What is IS. What was, WAS.  I just point it out.

Create Yourself – BePositive Affirm What You Want And Truly Are

Had my self talk been more positive things may have been different. I believed something about me others didn’t. I limited myself in ways I might not have. We all do this. We all have stories of who we are, what we are like, what we aren’t, what we can and can’t do.

Stop telling old tired, negative, non-supportive stories of why you are broken or can’t do it and start telling stories to yourself of how you are good enough and can do things. You do deserve the best as does everyone. I am not suggesting you become an egomaniac.

I am suggesting that much of your self criticism is just not true! Just as not everything others say about us is true. If is isn’t discard it. If it is useful, constructive, positive feedback take it under consideration. Don’t believe a word of the crap you tell yourself. Stop that now!

If You Know What You Want And Believe In Yourself You Can Do It

Learn to think and talk to yourself in positive terms. Learn to inspire and motivate yourself. Realize you are or you can be a good, even great person. You are resourceful in ways you might not yet recognize because you never believed this about yourself.

Start telling the story of the person you want to be. Start acting ‘as if’ and affirming it. Start believing positive thoughts about yourself. You ARE attractive. You ARE capable. You CAN learn to do anything  if and when you apply yourself. You CAN and YOU WILL be confident.

You are in the process of redefining and asserting yourself. You are dropping the past negativity. You are letting go of less than glorious conditioning. You are taking charge of your thoughts, feelings and actions to create supportive habits. You get positive great results.

Attitude Is Everything – Attitude Determines Your Altitude

Stop believing the lies and start discovering your own truths! Live free from the negative self talk we spend much of our lives suffering through. Drop it like a hot potato. Seek to live from a higher place, a positive, an accepting, loving, kind, encouraging place.

If you are going to be tough on yourself be tough as a champion is. Realize it is up to you to make things happen and that you can find away if only you will look and act. Don’t stop yourself from evolving into a better person or pursuing your dreams because of lies.

Stop believing those lies and free yourself up to become the awesome person you already are. Discover how cool you truly are! Become even more so by continuing to improve on it. We either are growing or dying just like a plant is. Keep growing. Evolve. Do it!

If You Hate It When Others Tell Lies Then Stop Lying To Yourself

Live, love, laugh and celebrate yourself. Tell yourself positive things. I am not suggesting you tell historical lies to others. I am suggestion you discover the positive truth about yourself and reinforce that to yourself and others. Appreciate yourself and celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

Today, recognize and believe in your greatness!

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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