Declare: I Am And Become It!


“I am’ is a spoken word. I am is the image you see. I am are the feelings you feel. I am is a combination of your pictures your words and your feelings. I am makes the declaration powerful. As a man thinks in his heart so shall he be.

A negative thought is any thought that isn’t positive. It doesn’t have to be strongly negative it can just be one of the daily din of thoughts that rule our lives moment to moment. The petty annoyances and aggravations.  Not the major ones. Just NOT positive IS negative.

It  can be the dislike for doing certain tasks. It is the grumbling . We cannot excel when we have a low current of negative energy ruling everything we do. We must move into feeling wonderful and celebratory. We must feel good most of the time. Atlas 80/20.

When You Blame You Give Up Your Power To Change – Feel It

Feel great. Decide what you want and how you want to live. Decide who you are. Decide what you will become. Determine to be it, to do it, and to have it. Declare it. Decide it is yours and there is no question about it. Master your mind. Think intentionally!

Strong emotions drive everything. When we are upset and angry we are creating less than glorious circumstances from our raging energy. Change it. Stop it. Create from your positive energy things you want. Be your future you right now. Live the future here today!

When we feel joy mostly, and not just ok, things begin to transform! Be filled with joy and enthusiasm. Get exited and become eager for good things to happen. Declare, ‘unexpected good always comes my way!’ See it! Feel it. Anticipate it! Delight in it! Celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

Feel it fully!

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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