You Day Depends On This! But Are You Doing It?


“How do you feel during your day? How does it go for you? Are you happy, energized, positive and productive or much less than you’d like to be. Would you like to maximize your day? Would you like to  feel better and get more done? How you start it determines all.

From the moment you wake up your day is set. How you wake up is determined by how you go to sleep. Your closing moments of the day impact the opening moments of your day. If you don’t know this it is time to learn. Make some changes and enjoy your day more.

Go to sleep relaxed and peaceful. Do not go to bed disturbed or angry. Take time to let go, forgive, relax and shift your focus and your energy. Review your day for the positive, happy moments. Preview your next day. Set intentions, determine to delight and enjoy it.

Awake Feeling Blessed And Grateful – Filled With Enthusiasm

Your last thoughts are important. Find love, peace, and appreciation. Focus on gratitude and that which delights you. Focus you energy on love and thankfulness. Make your gratitude list. Pick a positive word or mantra to gently and quietly recite or think on as you drift off.

Allow yourself to go to sleep feeling wonderful. Close your day well and the next one can open well. You will sleep and dream better as you learn to do these things and make them habits. Closing and opening rituals help ensure you maximize each moment.

Upon awakening your first thoughts set the tone for the day. If you wake up thinking, ‘wow, today is going to be wonderful’ you day goes much different than, ‘crap I have to get up. I hate going to work’. Realize you first thought is important. It makes a difference.

Vow To Live Each Moment Fully – Commit To Your Excellence

This is why closing out your day well is critical. You want to wake up thinking and feeling your finest. You can close or open your day with positive statements or affirmations. You can visualize how you want things to go. You can visualize your goals. Meditation works well.

Wake up thinking positive thoughts. Stretch, get out the kinks, breathe and get centered. Take a moment to feel balanced. Stand up, and recite your affirmations with enthusiasm. Set your positive intentions for the day. Feel grateful and think on these things.

What you eat and drink has an impact. If you eat something fresh, alive and nutritional you feel better than eating something processed filled with sugar, salt, preservatives and chemicals. Choose wisely. Get your body going with good energy.

Can’t Sleep – Lie There And Imagine Perfect Positive Scenarios

Your mind and body determine how you feel. Make habits of those things that make you feel and operate at your best. Don’t wake up thinking, ‘crap the weather sucks’ or ‘I have to face traffic now.’ Control your first thoughts! Choose wonderful first thoughts!

How you do one thing is how you do everything. You are a reflection of your habits. If you want a wonderful day realize it depends on you and what you think and do. It isn’t haphazard. It doesn’t depend on others or the world as most people think. It depends on you.

Find you positive purpose and positive energy and focus on these throughout the day. If things come up that would have disturbed you learn to let these go to. You can handle anything with the right mindset and feelings of resourcefulness. Practice, practice, practice.

At Sleep – Let Go Forgive – Feel Peaceful – Thankful – Positive

You’ll do better if you begin and end your day better. The bookends help determine how you go through the middle. As you practice and set rituals and habits you will notice how much more enjoyment you can and will have. Be thankful. Delight in it and learn to celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

Discover today how resourceful you are!

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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