Why You Need To Stop Talking And Start Doing


“How many times have you heard it said, ‘Just begin! Start from where you are at.’ No matter what don’t worry about how to start or how to succeed. Give that a rest for now. Truly, just begin from where you are. Go as far as you can with what you have right now.

You will see further when you get there. Too many people get lost in words. They never start because they believe, erroneously, that to begin they must know how they will do it. YOU DON’T need to know how. How is a myth. It is a lie you have believed for way too long?

What you need is WHY. WHY is the key. Why do you want change? What for?  What motivates you?  What is your purpose?  What will it be like when you have what you want? Who will you be? What will you be doing different from now? W hat will you have that you want?

Figure Out Your Passion – It Will Lead You To Your Purpose

You don’t really need to know how or to add anything to yourself to begin making the changes you desire. You don’t need to prepare. You don’t need to learn more.  Truly! You need to be driven by a cause bigger than you, something that makes you want to move forward.

Discover the whys. Develop the whys. Find all the reasons you must pursue your dreams. The bigger the better. Have a great big end goal. Develop smaller ones you make happen along the road to the big one. List your whys. Get familiar with them. Get excited.

Then you will move forward. Then you will move forward eagerly. You can pick up all the ‘other stuff’ once you get moving.  Learn as you go. In fact, you will. It’s called ‘correct and continue’. You will make mistakes and correct them. This is called gaining experience.

Sometimes We Find Our Purpose In Tragedy And Opposition

You can and will improve along the way. You will get practice and experience. You’ll correct the missteps and adjust. You will learn what you need to do. Stay open and don’t quit. Never give up on a worthwhile purpose. Adjust and continue. Evolve and grow.

All you need to begin is to stop making excuses for why you don’t. Stop waiting and start doing. Stop waiting until you have everything or until you are finally prepared  because you won’t ever be.  Life is a process.  You are a process.  Now is the time! Jump on in!

You are enough to move forward. Stop making it cerebral and start making it real. Stop talking about doing it and do it. Stop believing your own unsupportive BS and develop new positive beliefs that support you. Live the life of your dreams. Follow your passions.

Great Minds Have Purpose – Other Minds Have Wishes

Enjoy the journey. Stay open for new opportunities. With a positive, open, optimistic mindset, you will see and discover new things you would otherwise previously have missed. The more you think and believe you can the more your neurology opens up to that.

Your own brain looks for positive matches in the outer world. Just as when you buy new clothes or a car you start noticing all the others like yours. Your brain develops a heightened awareness for good things and great possibilities for you to take advantage of. Stay open and enjoy. Be grateful and celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

Your lips were meant to reach your ears. Smile more today!

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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