How You Really Make Changes: NO BS!


Do you want to know how to make lasting change? No BS just the cold, hard, bare-naked truth! Do want that? Can you handle the truth? We shall see. We shall see. Would you like your life to be positively different and better? Are you committed to making it?

Many people want thing but don’t commit doing what is necessary or committing to having them. The hope a lot. Mostly, they whine a lot. Is this you? How do you spend your time? How do you spend your thinking time and feeling time most of each day?

Does it work for you or against you? If it isn’t working for you, if it isn’t supporting you in being who you want to be and having what you want to have then it is not a good use of your time. If it isn’t supportive it is unsupportive. If it isn’t living and growing its dying.

You Create Your Own Destiny Even If You Don’t Take Control

DO YOU UNDERSTAND THIS? THIS IS CRITICAL TO GET! You need to absorb it. You need to embrace and embody these concepts. If you are not doing what you want YOU are not creating what you want. YOU are actively and passively KEEPING it all the SAME!

WHAT are YOU Doing? It is important to stop and take notice. WHAT on earth are you doing for YOU? Now is not the time to whine, blame, complain, or excuse. NOW is the time to decide to make the changes necessary to have what you want.

If you don’t you won’.t Plain and simple. Cold and hard. No BS. Either you do it or you don’t. If you don’t, don’t expect anything to change. If you change what you are currently doing, then you can change the results you are getting and begin to get results that you want.

The Future You Live Is The One You Make Or Don’t Make Happen 


In my last point I used the condemned house analogy. People complain about the house. They find what is wrong. Then they spend the bulk of their time worrying about it, complaining about it, blaming whom or whatever for it. They make excuses.

Their story, their thoughts, their feelings and what they say is less than glorious. They are negative and downers preoccupied by the condemned house. All the see is what is wrong. Their predominant thoughts, most all of their time, is what they do not want. STOP!

In order to have a new house you must turn your attention to what you want the new house to be and then work to build it. Get it? The predominant thoughts one should have are how incredible the new house will be. They need to envision living in the new house. Feel it.

If You Do Nothing – Nothing Will Be The Future You Have

They need to plan to build it. Make a blueprint. Assemble whomever. Raise the money and the resources and build the house. No time should be wasted complaining about what was. All time should be spent making happen what will be. Do you get this?

Many people don’t. They read it. They hear it. Still, they focus on what they don’t want. WHY? Habit. That is what they learned to do and so that is what they continue to do. UNTIL WHEN? Forever! Unless they decide to change their habits and take charge.

If they don’t decide, if you don’t decide, you will continue to do what you have always done, chronically and habitually. You can hope and wish and pray for a change and nothing will change until you change it. YOU must initiate the changes. You must do it. HOW? You ask.

If You Think You Can Or You Think You Can’t You Are Right

I have repeatedly shared how in these blog pages, in posts, in workshops, seminars, in interviews and discussions. You begin by making the decision that you will and you commit to it. Take baby steps. Do just enough daily to make a little bit of difference.

Eventually you will do more. Change may be gradual. Most likely it will be, but it can also be instantaneous. What it is and for whom shouldn’t matter. Simply commit to making yourself and your different. Read, study and apply. If you don’t do nothing will change.

You can read all about building houses. You can talk about it forever.  Unless, you take action and begin working a plan and begin building the house it will remain a possibility. You make it a reality. You gather your inner and outer resources and YOU make it happen.

Action Is The Proper Fruit Of Knowledge

You create and you attract. When your mind is set and you are absolutely determined, you let nothing stop you, you adjust and adapt until you get what you want or something better. It is not fate it is YOU shaping your own destiny. YOU make it happen! Get it?

If you don’t you are doomed to repeat the endless habitual cycle of wanting and not having until you change it. Until you take action and step up to the plate. Until you DO IT it is only an idea. Thoughts become things because we translate them from idea to the tangible.

How many times have you been asked this before? How often have you had a brilliant idea but did not act on it? Later, you discovered someone else had the same or similar idea but is now making money hand over fist because they put it into action. They made it reality.

To Know And Not To Do – Is To Not Know

Now their reality is rich while yours is whining that you thought about it too back then. I have done this numerous times. I have seen others take my work and spread it world wide making millions because my work works! I didn’t. They did. They got the money!

They got the fame and the credit for it. It sucks. It is water over the dam. No use complaining. I point it out to say we are all very similar. We all do or don’t do things. We are in the same boat in life. If these others can do it so can we. If I can so can you. If you can so can I.

Get it? Do you understand? If not yet, how soon do you suppose you will begin to decide to make a real difference for yourself? Are you going to make positive changes or sadly remain the same? It is all up to you. How soon will you decide to be different and take charge?

The More You Do The More You Can Do – Skill Comes Of Doing

I wonder. Maybe you should too!

More in the next post. In the meantime, if you do really get it, start now to make a real difference for yourself and your future. Read, study and APPLY. Application of your knowledge is the most critical piece. Without doing there is no new being or having. Understand?

Take charge. Determine what you want and go for it! You don’t have to know how yet, just decide what you want and that you will have it. You will find or create away eventually but this will be yours. There will be no stopping you. If it is good and positive for all, go for it!

Be thankful that you can. Appreciate where you are and where you have come from. Be grateful for the hard learning lessons and the easy times to. Feel positive about back then, now and your future. Take time to really feel it. Delight, give thanks and celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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