Don’t Give Up Now For Something Less Important


“My message today is: Simplify your life. Recently, I have shared about taking small steps, getting clear of clutter, reclaiming your time, energy and you. Each of these can be accomplished more easily than you may have imagined. You can may be surprised! Reclaim it!

‘Take time to smell the roses’. A favorite saying of many and me. Take time. You don’t get time. You don’t luck into a free moment. It isn’t given to you. You take it. You choose how to spend it. Take time doing something nice. Take time to appreciate what is going on.

Take time to notice what is here and enjoy it. Breath it in. Delight in the fragrance. The same can be done at any moment regarding anything. Stop, take time to be grateful. Take time to savor life. Take time for yourself to let go, relax, and clear head and heart space.

Take Your Time Back Moment By Moment – Make It Memorable

Take time to enjoy your meal quietly. No phone. No texts. No computer. No TV. No noise. Just you and eating. Notice when you leave the present space and are thinking about what needs to be completed or started. Are you here now? Did you go elsewhere?

Stay present. Slow down. Enjoy the moment. Savor the delicious tastes. Focus on these. Notice how good this is. Many of us race through these moments. At the end of the day we haven’t live much because wherever we were we were actually somewhere else.

At the end of our life we notice we haven’t live much because we were too busy thinking about other things, we thought we important but weren’t. We got caught up. Right in front of us were our children but we were thinking about work. We missed being present!

Live Fully – Be Present – Become Fully Alive – Be Here Now 

We can only physically be in one place at one time, as far as we know. However, mentally, we can be in any number of places but where we are physically. This is a great talent. It can be very beneficial. It can also be a great distraction and disappointment.

We need to control it. We need to aim it. Don’t miss life NOW by being somewhere else in your head, or on your phone. Walk and look at the world, not at your phone. Texting can wait. Perhaps, your children can’t. This is why they grow up so fast. You aren’t there!

Take time. Take time to enjoy. Delight. Take time to rest and renew. Take time to love and share. Take time for the important people in your life. Take time to nourish yourself. Take time for silence. Take time to appreciate. Take time to live fully. Take time to be here now. Take your time back. Live, love, laugh and celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

How much today are you living?

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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