We All Just Need Some Tough Love


“In this day and age many want to be coddled. Some don’t want to hear that it takes hard work to make things happen. Some want to wish, others want to complain, a few want others to do it for them. Sadly, wishing, complaining, not doing or luck isn’t the best answer.

If you want your dreams to come true you have to make them come true. One of my favorite quotes is, ‘Luck is the crossroads where preparation and opportunity meet’. That takes thinking right and doing right. Both are required. Which is most important? Mindset.

Work smarter not harder. Having the right mindset is 95% of success. Doing smartly the other 5%. Still, people whine and complain and say it isn’t so. When I say ‘stop complaining and stop sniveling’ and start taking control of your mindset it is tough love.

The Power Of Determination Will Make You Unstoppable

Yes, I understand you might be having it very rough. I get it. Many of us have incredible challenges at different times in our lives. I simply want to remind you that thinking right and will power gets you further faster than complaining, blaming and making excuses.

Athletes have training coaches who don’t coddle but prod them, perhaps push them on to success. I need a coach or mentor, most people do. We need people who help us push past our own stopping points. We need role models and examples of those who succeed.

Many of us try to do it on our own. We allow our own habits of thought, feeling and action defeat us. We give up or give in to the easy way. Success or happiness or both require a different way of thinking and behaving. It comes to us when we go to it. Two-way!

Your Attitude Plus Your Choices Equals Your Life

Will it be easy? No, probably not, but it is simple. Get your mental act together and almost everything else falls into place! Does that mean the world changes for you? Probably not. Frankly, who truly knows. Miracles seem to happen to those who expect them to. Have faith!

Yet others wish and hope and want without anything seeming to happen. Hang in there. The temptation is to give up and throw in the towel but that doesn’t make anything happen. That is turning temporary defeat into permanent failure. Stop, do anything else!

Keep the faith. Work on your attitude and positive thinking. Stay optimistic. Believe you can find or create away. Realize that if you are flexible you can make corrections as necessary and adapt to any situation. You can even learn to go beyond them. Embrace challenge.

I Didn’t Come This Far – To Only Come This Far

Do not let your problems get the better of you. Be bigger than any problem or challenge. Learn how. Get your attitude working for you. Develop habits for success. Think, feel and act like a champion. You’ll get further faster than acting like a wimp. Sorry, but it is true.

That hay won’t get bailed by whining and complaining. Nor will it go quicker with a crappy attitude. It may actually take longer if you resist. Develop determination to do the positive good actions required of you to make happen that which you desire most.

Think positive and feel positive. Take positive action steps toward the results you want. If you don’t yet know what to do you will learn as you go. Walk as far ahead as you can see and when you get there you will see farther. That is how it works. Mindset leads to results.

Attitude Is The Difference Between An Ordeal And An Adventure

Develop indomitable spirit. Grow your backbone. Put in the time controlling your thoughts and soon you will be surprised. If it isn’t working for you, it isn’t working YET for you. Develop good success habits. Fill your mind  with inspiring and motivational thoughts.

Adopt a CAN DO attitude. If you don’t know how you can learn. Study. Spend time with people who are making positive things happen. You have to change what you are doing if you want to change your life. Success breeds more success. Hang in there.

Study this blog. Read the great thought leaders. Live what you learn. If you don’t apply it nothing will change. You may need to change your main circle of influence and seek out new positive people. If you do nothing and remain the same YOU WILL remain the same.

If You Are Willing To Learn No One Can Stop You – Be Unstoppable

Action is the proper fruit of knowledge. To know it but not to do it is to not know it. If you haven’t yet got the result you desire change what you are doing in positive ways. It will come in time. Stick with it. Believe it and believe in yourself. This is tough love. Love yourself!

If nothing else fully practice gratitude. Delight and enjoy. Be thankful for what you can presently do, what you will someday do. Be thankful for what you do have and what you will have. Gratitude will make an incredible difference for you. You will only discover this difference when you actually celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

Make this day a magical day for you and others!

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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