What You Have Doesn’t Matter. It Is Who You Are That Means Everything!


“My mission, in large part, is helping people positively change their lives. I want to assist others in transforming who they are. This is critical because it truly is not about what you have. It is all about who you are and who you become. Who you are is most important!

Who you are determines what you do and what you have.
The first order of business is to become all that you can be; to become your true and authentic self; to become a person who allows and accepts and lives in abundance and wealth and gratitude.

The goal is to become free. Be who you truly are and not your conditioned self. Your conditioned self is the chronic, habitual automatic thoughts, beliefs and values that were handed to you while you grew up.

Your Greatness Is Not What You Have But Who You Are

The self you know or that you don’t know is a mixture of thoughts co-opted from other people that you have accepted. It may be an accurate, or one of the truest statements, to say most of us don’t know who we are. We think we know ourselves but we don’t.

We know the conditioned mind but not who we are without that conditioning. It is so habitual and so ingrained we can’t tell the difference. That is why the injunction to ‘know thy self’ is so critical. It is critical! It takes awareness and courage to explore oneself.

I understand that some fear this; that if you’re truly yourself and happy and fulfilled and filled with gratitude then it doesn’t matter what you have and that scares most people. They conjure up of the image of a happy Buddha sitting in the mud with nothing.

Your Greatness Is Not Who You Are But What You Give

If you were that happy Buddha sitting in mud with nothing then you would be a happy Buddha and it wouldn’t matter what are you sitting in. You simply can’t conceive what you cannot conceive of. What you don’t know you do not know.

In order to behave in a new reality you must first be able to conceive of that new reality and you and I cannot conceive of our true selves from our conditioned mine.  We first must become aware of our conditioning so that we can let go of it and reveal our true nature.

For example: how many times have you heard of lottery winners winning fortunes only to go broke again shortly there after. It’s because the person didn’t change instead they just got things. They got new wealth. They got new wealth but didn’t change themselves.

Who You Become Is More Important Than What You Have

They don’t know how to hang onto wealth because they didn’t fundamentally change themselves to know how to manage it and keep it. They didn’t FIRST become the person who can accept handle and keep wealth. They were the same old chronic conditioned self.

They were the same old person with chronic old conditioned ‘poor’ habits who lucked into wealth. Instead of keeping it they returned to who they had been. A poor person. They had been and continued to be a poor person who got money and spent money. They lost it.

This is why the rich, if they lose money, will make it again. Their mindset is wealth. It is their conditioning. It is who they are. While it may not be their authentic self it demonstrates that who one is determines what one has. We are a product of our conditioning.

Upon Waking Let Your First Thought Be Thank You

Whereas the poor person is first and foremost a poor person because of their conditioning. They can change who they! To change who we are is the first order of business! Most people think it is having more, making more and doing more. It definitely is not.

This is why the rich maintain the belief if you give money to the poor it will all end up back in the hands of the wealthy anyway. So why bother? Since the poor won’t know how to invest it and hang onto it they will lose it it. Why give the poor any wealth to begin with?

It is not unreal, nor unreasonable to follow their logic. It’s sad and not very charitable. It may be greedy and selfish but this is why you must transform yourself first. Once you transform YOU then you can handle attaining and accomplishing and gaining things.

Nothing You Wear Is More Important Than Your Smile

You must become the person who is wealthy first then you can handle having things. The rule of law in this universe is not to have things first. This is critical and this is what most people miss. The rule is to become it first, be it. Then you will do right and have it.

Most people spend their life working for things. They try to figure out how to get more. They try to make things happen. They blame the outside world for what they do or don’t have; for what prevents them. They resent and blame others who have more.

They blame circumstances and events. They blame luck, their upbringing, their parents, their gene, whatever! None of the outer world matters. It is an inner transformation that matters! Stop trying to change the outer world.

Know Thyself – You Are Important – Know Thyself – Who Are You

Transform the inner world first and the outer world can and will change. As within so without. From the inner to the outer! That is the order things work at. Those who end up spinning their wheels are attempting to do it backwards. It will not work well that way.

They try to change the world without first transforming themselves and it fails. Become the person who IS the change you want to see in the world and everything else can be yours. This is the rule of law. Know yourself! Transform yourself! Then your world will change.

This is why gratitude is important. This is why attitude is important. This is why positivity is important. This is why affirmations and visualization are important. This is why filling your mind with positive thoughts and energy is important.

Who Are You Becoming

You become what you think about. What you focus on expand. You can become aware of your chronic, old conditioning and drop it. You can change your thinking and become powerfully positive. You can become the person of your dreams. You can discover your true self.

Do it. This is why ‘act as if’ is important. These things are important because they are tools to help you change your focus from the chronic old conditioning to new positive possibilities. Become the person first then everything else falls in place. Do it. And Celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

Invest in yourself today!

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Photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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