How You Begin Your Day Can Determine How It Ends!


“How you wake up in the morning is critical. What you do first is important to how the rest of your day unfolds. The most important thing you can do each day do is begin your morning positive. Having a good morning routine is the way to insure you wake up right.

Wake up. Declare. Make a declaration. ‘I love my life’. ‘Today something good is coming my way.’ ‘I find and create opportunities’. ‘My life is amazing’. ”I am magnificent’. Thanks for another great day!’ ‘Today, is going to be an incredible day’. Feel it and say it!

While in bed spend a few moments in gratitude. Be thankful for everything. Remember, to appreciate family, friends, yourself, opportunities, things you have, experiences, lessons learned, anything and everything. Celebrate. Delight.  Feel thankful.

How You Do Anything Is How You Do Anything

Expect great things to come your way. Set your intentions for the day. ‘Today, I intend to do X’ Take a moment to decide what you will do and how you will do it. ‘I will to make five sales calls’. I am going to think positive’ ‘I  will complete my report and turn it in by 2pm.’

Intentions are great. They help you live on purpose and set direction. You can set intentions for anything and everything. Get in the car, think, ‘I will to drive calmly and safely’. ‘I will be patient in the line at the coffee shop’. Set intentions and then make them happen.

Spend a few moments doing  your affirmations, visualization or Directed Questions™. Spend as much time as you can reading positive, uplifting inspirational material. Think about it. Study what you read. Reflect or meditate on it.

Since Habits Are Hard To Break It Is Wise To Create Good Habits

Consider how you will apply what you read and are learning. Your morning ritual routine that you want to make a habit could be 5, 10 20 or 30 minutes. It is up to you the time you invest in yourself. It is best to begin with a small amount and work your way up to more.

Do something physical. Stretch. Yoga, Walk, Rebound, Do a few minutes morning exercise to get going! Swim, water walk, skip,dance. Get moving. Get your body and your mind moving. Exercise is good for the body and the brain. Keep moving it!

Eat healthy.  Avoid sugars, grains, processed foods. Get some fiber, some fermented foods, some plain yogurt with no sugar. Organic eggs, raw grass fed organic whey protein is good. Organic veggies are good. Spend time eating without distractions. Chew slowly.

You Get What You Focus On – Energy Flows Where Attention Goes

Savor your meal. Be with your food. IT is your nourishment. It keeps you alive. It is your fuel. Choose it wisely. STOP rushing! Some people bless their food or ask their food to be blessed. Begin your day being grateful. Imagine it adding to your health and wellbeing.

Drink organic coffee or tea. Avoid sugar or fruit juices, especially commercial brands. Warm water and lemon is great to have on an empty stomach when you first wake. Try Kombucha tea hot or cold. You can drink your greens. When finished. Take care of the 3 Ss.

Do one small thing toward accomplishing your major goals. 1% movement toward your goal results in more than 300% improvement in a year. Make that call. Visit that client. Set that meeting. Submit that bill. Whatever it is.

Greet The Day With Enthusiasm – It Is Another Day Just For You

Set your morning ritual. Remember how you do one anything is how you do everything. Find some positive people to share the day with. Reduce the amount of time around energy vampires and negative people. Be respectful.  Keep moving forward.

Get a friend to be accountability partner. Hold each other to your routines. Sometimes it is easier to work out if you have a partner or a trainer. Get someone who will help inspire you to follow through on creating your positive morning routine.

Live on purpose with purpose. If you don’t master yourself, your thoughts, your feelings, your habits, your day, it means someone else is your master. Take charge from the moment you arise. After all it is your day. It is one more you get to enjoy or manage to make it through. Make  it enjoyable. One important way to create more delight is to celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

Live today to the fullest!

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Photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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