Stop Acting Like Your Tongue. Just Stop It!


“I am going to share a small event that happened today. However, there is a large lesson that can be learn. The event is an analogy for how we approach difficulties and what we can and must do instead if we’d like to get over them. If you want your life to change, then, you must change things in your life. That is how it works.

This morning, at breakfast, I broke my tooth. It must have been a cap. I don’t recall having any front teeth capped but while chewing I noticed something gritty and stopped to extract what appeared to be a tiny piece of bone or tooth. It might be a tooth and not a cap. All I know for certain is there’s a dentist in my future.

At first I thought it was something in my food. I decided to run a check.I ran my tongue along the bottoms of my top teeth and didn’t notice anything, at first. I sipped some coffee and then noticed my lip felt funny. I ran my tongue over the front of my teeth and felt a gap. A large one! It is sharp and can scrap my tongue.

When You Focus On Problems You’ll Have More Problems

It doesn’t hurt but it is scratchy to my tongue. Plus, the area along the gum line actually scraps the inside of my upper lip high up. When I run my tongue over my teeth it is sharp, scrapping and uncomfortable. I am missing a tooth. Still, I have all my other teeth that are fine, smooth and work perfectly well.

All my other teeth are fine. This is my point. Too often, we focus on what isn’t there. We look at what we don’t have. We notice what is missing. What is wrong. We concentrate on a problem. We examine it from all sides just as our tongue searches and explores our mouth when something is amiss. We keep at it too over and over.

When things are right we don’t nearly notice at all. We don’t pay attention or express much gratitude that we have everything is fine. Even when we have a problem or problems we focus on those and miss all the other things that are right and good. Our focus is disproportionate to what it. Yes, we have problems. We do.

When You Focus On Possibilities You’ll Have More Opportunities

But most everything else is fine. Just as there are crappy weather days most of the days are pleasant. Yes, there are atrocious acts committed by bad people but there is MORE good and right that goes unnoticed and unappreciated. I have more teeth that are perfectly fine but one that broke. Which gets more attention?

And there you have it! We have all this things that are going well and are good in our lives that we don’t pay attention too. Instead we focus on what is wrong, broken, missing our lacking. You know the sad thing about all this, don’t you. We get what we focus on. We become what we think about most.

What we think about we bring about. What we hold in our head we will someday hold in our hand. We end up creating and attracting more of the same of WHATEVER it is we focus on. That is how it works Energy flows where attention goes. Water weeds or flowers they both grow. The one that grows is the one you nourish.

What You Focus On Expands – Choose What You Focus On

We spend time watering the weeds. We get bad results because we nurture the negative. Worry is just negatively planning for your future to suck. Yet, just like our tongues that is what we probe and explore and search out and find. We wallow in crap and get covered in it. We roll in it, bath in it and then complain about it.

All our moaning and whining and complaining and blaming and excusing brings more of the same. We are putting energy into our problems and misfortune. Instead of deciding to create what we want we live as if we have no other choice. We have choices even when we don’t feel we do. We do and we ought to begin to act like it.

Focus on what you do have that works. Focus on the teeth that are there and work well. Pay attention and concentrate on that which is good, positive and working well. Let go of what isn’t working. Focus on what does work. Remember, what you focus on expands. What you think about you become. Focus on the positive things.

Focus On What You Want To Create – Set Positive Intentions

Drop the negativity and focus on the good you can be. Focus on the good you can do do and the good you have. Draw your attention to what you can be thankful for. Feel grateful! Fill yourself with positive emotions and wonderful feelings. Stop looking for what is wrong. Stop looking at what is wrong. You already noticed it.

Stop dwelling on what sucks and start dwelling on what is great. This IS how you will make your life different and better. If you want your life to change YOU HAVE TO CHANGE things in your life. Change what you put energy into. Withdraw yours. Starve the problems and feed the solutions. Learn to control your mind.

Focus on what is right! Celebrate what you already have to be thankful for. Really get into appreciating all the other stuff you normally don’t bother to notice. Notice the good. Notice it! Take inventory. Catalog it. Embrace it. Feel it! Delight in it. Do it now! Learn that your life can and will be different when you celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

Feel good  today!

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Photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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