Don’t Be A Moron You Can’t Fly Like Superman! Unless, Of Course You Can!


“Reality is our making. We create reality. Our perceptions, and beliefs, and neurological filters determine what we notice, pay attention to and miss. What we believe makes it so. Whether we think we can or we think we can’t we are correct. Said Henry Ford.

Does that mean we can fly like Superman? My first answer is no we cannot violate the laws of physics. Unless of course we can. So my second answer would be perhaps we can. Who knows? Just because no one has isn’t a good answer. Tell that to Roger Banniseter.

He broke the 4 minute mile record. Tell that to Edison or the Wright Brothers when people told them they were insane for trying. There are plenty of reason why we might be able to fly even if we have never yet done it. I honestly don’t know if it is possible or not.

You Create Your Own Reality – Thoughts Become Things

I do know this. It took Edison 10,000 attempts to get the light bulb right. If you go to a roof top and jump off trying to fly you may only get one attempt. Makes it hard to prove your theorem that way. Start on the sidewalk and attempt to rise up. That is smarter; wiser.

It might take 10,000 trials. Personally, I’m not that interest. So I haven’t tried but a few times in my young life. It doesn’t mean it is impossible even if we think it is. Our thoughts prevent us more than reality from behaving in our own best interests. Really, they do.

For example. You need to make more sales but you let fear prevent you from walking over and talking to the client. The same is true of meeting new people and friends at parties. Some people hug the walls and the bar or buffet table. Consider this next example.

Create The Highest Grandest Vision Possible For Your Life

The number one fear of most people is public speaking. SPEAKING TO STRANGERS!!! People you don’t know and are probably never going to see ever again. People fear that. WOW! I’d be more afraid of speaking in front of my family who loves me than strangers.

Yet, people fear public speaking. THAT is THOUGHTS preventing someone from acting. I guess it all depends on how much you want it. If I told you I’d give you 5 million dollars to give a speech before  10,000 people would you do it? Would it be worth it to try?

If you answer yes, then for goodness sakes why not just do it anyway? I mean come on now! If the reward is large enough then you will do it means there is nothing actually there to be afraid of. You are only stopping yourself from acting because you think poorly.

You Become What You Believe – Thoughts Create Reality

You think thoughts that prevent you and weaken you instead of ones that make you strong and support you. THAT really is all that is going on. You think thoughts that make you feel scared or bad or depressed and so you do not do good things for yourself. I say wow!

I get it though. I have been there and done that too. We all have or at least most of us have over something. Still, we can learn that we don’t have to let our thoughts prevent us. We can think better, stronger more powerful thoughts and become invincible. Powerful.

What you don’t believe that? See, right there IS the issue. If YOU don’t believe it SO WHAT? Big f’n deal. Who died and made you god. What kind of authority are you? Are you an expert in this. I think not since you can’t even do it. Maybe, then you ought to give it a try.

What We See And Find Depends On What We Look For

Don’t let a mental packet of energy prevent you from being more of who you are. Stop letting your thoughts keep you down, insecure, broke and unhappy. Stop worrying and start living. For goodness sake! Consider this next thought very carefully. It may push buttons.

Right now. This moment. Wealth, enormous, incredible wealth and abundance are available to you. Right now massive wealth and power are available to you. You can choose to feel worthy or not. You can choose to accept this. You can choose to accept the best.

You can feel as if you deserve it. I mean, why not? If you answer with why not THAT is your limiting belief or beliefs. Right there! Your answer is what prevents you. Get it? It was automatic. It came right up. I proposed it and you thought, ‘nah. nope’. Not true or whatever.

You Create Your Thoughts – Your Thoughts Create Your Reality

That’s the issue. Consider this. WHAT is the very WORST THING THAT COULD, WOULD, EVER, EVER, EVER HAPPEN if you were to believe 100% that massive wealth, abundance and power were yours right now? How would your life suck? Well,? How would it?

Again, if you have an answer, THAT is the issue for you to resolve. You can, you know. WHAT?  You don’t believe that either? See how persnickety those limiting beliefs can be. Hey, there’s nothing wrong with them. They are just there to keep you the same ole reliable you.

They come up to keep you consistent. Still, you can change them if you want to. See for me, I don’t have to fly like Superman in the air but I want to live like a king on the earth. I want to feel my best and be my best. I want to do and have things. I want my thoughts great!

Hey Wake Up – It Is You Thinking Those Thoughts – Wake Up

I want my thoughts and feelings to serve me. I feel better believing I deserve riches and that I can work for and attain them because there is plenty to go around MORE THAN I like thinking about lack and how things suck and why I’d never amount to anything.

I call it good taste. I choose my thoughts. You can too. Actually, we all have each and every moment. Every moment a we encounter an opportunity we either think positive and take it or think negative and pass it up. Every second we have choices about how we feel.

We don’t live as if we have choice BUT WE HAVE CHOICE. What now, another negative limiting belief poking its head up? Tame it for goodness sake. Choose how you are going to spend your time. It is completely up to you. Pain or pleasure. Negative or Positive.

No One Is Forcing Or Choosing For You – You  Are Choosing

Which is it? You are either growing or dying. Good taste in my book is opting to live to the fullest. Choose your thoughts. Deliberately put your attention on good things. Be thankful. Be grateful. Be filled with thoughts of I CAN instead of I can’t. CHOOSE! Be wise! Be smart. Make your life the life you want! Celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

Make someone feel good today. You!

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Photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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One thought on “Don’t Be A Moron You Can’t Fly Like Superman! Unless, Of Course You Can!”

  1. I used autosugession to enable me to be able to just think and make things happen. Here is a factual story from my new autobiography “The Magic of Reading”:

    Dee Dee my wonderful sweetheart says gently and sincerely “How come you get everything you want when you want it?”
    I respond, “What do you want sweet heart?”

    “I don’t know.” “How can I know what I want?”
    “Pretend I have a real magic wand crackling with real magical energy and I can just wave it and make any dream or goal you want come true.” “Write down several things you really want on a piece of paper.”

    She returns a few minutes later with a list of several things. I read it and say, “Now put numbers beside each item according to their importance to you.” Dee Dee comes back with them listed in the order of importance to her. I read the most important one and say; now list every exact detail you want for this most important item.

    Dee Dee comes back with a detailed list of everything she wants for this one thing.
    The note says: I want a job a few blocks from our home; (we live in a residential area, so fairly unlikely). I want more money than I have ever made before, (challenging).

    I want a job in bookkeeping (she had one class in High School and no work experience; that is impossible).I want my own private office (she has never had that). I want to be in an office with no other women (always lots of women in past) .

    One week goes by, I hear the phone ring. My wife’s old employer, Jeff, says his new boss, Bob, needs key man insurance. We drive a couple blocks to their new office. Dee Dee has Bob sign the papers.

    We four are standing outside of Bob’s new office a few blocks from our home. Bob says to Jeff, “Our bookkeeper has decided not to come with us to this new location. Wish I knew where we could find someone to take her place.” I smile and look into my wife’s eyes and she looks back into my eyes.

    I feel the real magic (E.S.P.) starting to resonate like it always does when I get what I want.
    I say, “My wife might be interested in this position.” Her ex-boss, Jeff immediately says to Bob, “She is fantastic and can handle this bookkeeping with ease!” My wife adds, “It is only a couple of blocks from my home so it will be perfect for traveling.”

    Dee Dee asks, “Where would I work?” Bob shows her the brand new private office which would be the first private office she ever had. My wife asks, “What kind of salary will you be starting the person at?” It is the highest salary she has ever had.

    My wife asks, “What kind of staff would I be working with?” Bob says, “We are all men here, you would be the only woman, I hope that’s not a problem.”
    My wife says, that’s fine.
    Bob says, “Can you start after giving notice where you are currently working?” My wife looks at me with sparkling eyes, and then says, “Yes that will be fine.”

    I contacted no one in anyway. I did not write or talk to anyone about her grand detailed dream. How did I do it? I promise you, I used the sixth sense also known as Extra Sensory Perception (E.S.P.) from Napoleon Hill’s Book, Think and Grow Rich.

    My wife worked at this perfect dream job for eleven years and then came to me again and said, “I want to start working from my home in my own business, this time she smiled and said, ‘Work your Voodoo!’

    She has now had her own business for many years and is extremely happy doing it from our home.

    There is a problem with this ability to just think and make things happen. I have to be very careful what I think about because things I think about manifest quickly in reality. I am very careful about my thoughts.

    I am basically very happy with this ability. Recently I have tried some really wild thoughts and they are beginning to manifest. Looks like I will be a multi-millionaire and probably a billionaire from thought definitely in the future.

    This is not from hard work or fantastic creativity on my part but by the ability I developed to think and make reality around me respond to my thoughts. It is wonderful and at the same time totally amazing to me. Thank you Napoleon Hill for your fantastic gift of power!

    I cannot recommend “Think and Grow Rich” too highly! Napoleon Hill’s book is the key to the fantastic life I get to live

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