More Crap? I Don’t Need This! How Can I Handle More Crap?


“The events of yesterday has kept us busy. A lot is going on revolving around it. That is normal but it is easy to forget that lots of other things are going on too. 99.5 % of what happens in life is good. That is worth remembering. Focus on the good. Be grateful. Enjoy it!

Today, while working dealing with the event things I needed to get some holiday food shopping done. I did some banking and drove to a grocery store. Went in, came out, tried to drive away. I didn’t get as far as the exit driveway when I realized I had a flat tire. I pulled over.

It was snowing some. The parking lot very busy. I drove the car over to a side lane, out of the way as much as I could get and put on the emergency flashers. My first thoughts were along the lines of ‘crap, I don’t need this.’ It was very brief and I laughed. Then I realized.

Life Is Like A Camera Lens Focus Only On What Is Important

Of course, I don’t, but perhaps I do. Who can actually say what is needed? Perhaps, this is exactly what is needed. I don’t know. I then thought, ‘okay bring it. I can handle this. It doesn’t matter what is going on, where I might need to be, the holidays, nothing. It is okay.’

‘I am bigger than my problems. Bring it on. Thank you’. Whatever is going on will work out for good. Now, a flat isn’t that big of a deal but in my past, I have been pretty aggravated over getting one. I called for a tow. Normally, a lengthy on the phone process was short today.

I was told a truck would be there within an hour. That was good. Normally, they tell me 45 minutes unless there are other circumstances. I sat in the car for about 20 minutes feeling grateful and knowing some good ultimately will come of this. Watching snow.

Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff – It Is All Small Stuff

I got out. Went back into the store, told them, that car with the flashers on is mine, I am waiting for a tow, incase someone complained. My phone rings. The tow truck arrived and is at my car. Less than 20 minutes later I am on the road. Donut spare on the car.

I call the tire company from the road and tell them. They say they can’t promise anything but will try to work me in. Bring the car by. I attempt to notify others and it occurs to me I can drop the tire and have it fixed and later return with the car for them to put it on.

We do. I chat with gentleman at repair store. I leave, go home. Unload groceries. I had just bought set of four within the month. Actually, I bought eight within eleven months. I’d had trouble with the other brand of tires and just replaced them all. The store closed.

Life Can Be Hard Sometimes We Make It Harder Than It Actually Is

They still have the tire. I am mobile. I got a call with a bad news good news which do you want first. Turns out tire can’t be repaired. They don’t have one in stock BUT they can get one and the tire will be replaced for free. Good deal. Tomorrow my tire should be fixed.

Meanwhile, I am mobile and they don’t have my car over night. So what is good? Who knows? Why did it happen? Who knows? I don’t care. What does it mean? Again, don’t have a clue? BUT it is okay. AND I didn’t lose it. I was calm, centered and actually grateful.

Everything seemed to happen much more quickly than normal. Was that because I was and am grateful? I don’t know. People are faced with difficulties all day long. We had a pretty big ‘not so glorious experience’ yesterday. How would I rate this one? Not so bad, really.

Dreams Can Come True – Expect The Best – Say What You Want

In contrast, very minor. However, in my past this might have been the straw that breaks the camel’s back. Even though the event isn’t a big deal, it’s a flat, I may have stressed about it and complained about it and been mad about it. You know what I mean, right?

Today, I could laugh and it didn’t get to me. Yesterday, while serious and not what anyone might call a good thing was a good thing. How? I don’t know fully, yet? Already, however I am seeing evidences of how it is. It has been an amazing couple of days. And 99.5% is good.

Attitude does make an incredible difference. I am not suggesting I never stress out. I am sharing with you my responses over the past two days.  Life is good. I love my life. Shit happens. I still love my life. The more I do the better it gets. Shit may still happen. It is all okay.

Happiness Is A Decision – You Get To Choose Each Moment

I continue learn and realize to it isn’t about what happens. It is all about how I respond to what happens and how I take charge of myself. I can be in charge of me but I can’t control the externals. I don’t actually want to anyway. The more I am grateful the better it is.

The externals will be whatever they will be. My creation, my attraction, predestined or haphazardly random. It will be as it will be. I have learned it is what it is. However, I can adjust and continue. I can call the moment whatever I want. What I say IS what I get.

If I call it bad then it is. If I call it good then it is. Others may or may not agree, but for me, it is what I say it is. I am not making rules for others either. Their declarations determine their experiences. If I can share anything, a learning, it is be grateful. Love it all. Embrace it.

Live Simply – Dream Big – Be Grateful – Give Love – Laugh Lots

Everything does change with gratitude. It doesn’t mean magically you get a new tire. Perhaps, it does. I mean yes, maybe it does sometimes or all the times. You decide. I know living with gratitude for everything is transformational. It changes ME! I determine my experience. I love my life. 99.5% is good. That is where I choose to focus. You can too. Let’s celebrate everything! Rex Sikes

Create a blessed day for yourself!

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Photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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