Understanding The Unthinkable When It Happens To You


“What do you do when ‘bad’ things happen? Is there a correct way to respond? Why do these things happen anyway? Have you ever asked yourself these questions? Tragedy struck close to me today. Someone I love was savagely brutalized. 911 was called. Horrible!

I won’t go into it much. An attack occurred. Cries for help heard. Authorities called. 2 hours later they had still not showed up. I, and others ,we called and did. Another 2 hours went by. Authorities finally showed after repeated calls insisting they get there.

Once they arrived they were surly, agitated the victim more than assisted, and left without word. I and another, accompanied our loved one to the ER. We spent 7 more hours. 6 hours after we arrived and only after repeated phone calls did authorities arrived.

Just When Caterpillar Thought It Is All Over It Became A Butterfly

Physically, emotionally, psychologically, spiritually my dear one was brutalized, left and abandoned by the system, neglected, treated callously by responders who left job undone. Only,  later did they appear after calls to supervisors. Sad, tough day for all involved.

I am fine. Someone else is not. Few will understand what I next say but, I am the eye of the storm. I am calm and centered regardless of what happens. That is how my day is. I know and trust that ultimately good will come of this. It always does. No matter what.

It may not work out to anyone’s satisfaction. It could get worse. I haven’t a clue how it will work out but that isn’t for me to know. I simply trust that it will. I know it has for many and it always has for me. My darkest days turned out to be my greatest blessings.

People Who Truly Care About Each Other Can Make It Work

I am sorry this happened. I’m glad it wasn’t worse. I’m disappointed with the people who are paid to help in crisis. I am happy that finally one benevolent supervisor listened and did his job. One person made some things happen when no one else would. I thanked him!

So positive thoughts and feelings and energy I send when I think of this dear one who was wounded today. I could go on in many different directions about the event, what it means, what could be, what should have been, but none of that is important. None of it.

What’s important is my loved one get love and support and understanding during a terrifically trying time. Besides the physical assault and battery, the feelings of betrayal, fear of dying, shock, anger, justice, revenge, sadness, abandonment all raging at once.

The Best Lessons Are Often Learned In The Worst Of Times

A real shoulder to cry or lean on and an actual ear to listen is what is needed. Love, understanding, patience, compassion, positive kind energy and acceptance is offered. Healing will happen but first there’s some important grieving stages the loved one to go through.

Yet, I know we are blessed. It may not seem like it to some readers. I first and foremost am thankful it wasn’t worse. I am so grateful my dear one is alive. I am so grateful for that! Tough, it may be but we all can get through it. I am truly fine. Someone else is not. BUT can be.

Will be. Eventually no matter how long it takes. Obviously, I prefer soon; as soon as possible. I know many learnings will come from this. Some hard lessons, and others not so difficult, to face. We are all blessed no matter how it turns out. And I do celebrate this.

During Our Darkest Moments We Must Focus To See The Light

Not the act. Not the terrible things that occurred but rather the opportunity to heal, to grow and evolve, to learn and go beyond what we knew. To deepen our relationships and our own spiritual practices. I am deeply thankful for this opportunity. It is all okay!

What is IS. What happened happened.  It’s okay. I can’t change it so how I live with it is important. How each of us affected learns to live with it is important. I stay positive that we all will be better off in the long run. Somewhere in all this there is a truly a silver or gold lining.

There is always light at the end of the tunnel. Sometimes, however, you are so deep into the tunnel you don’t see the light at the other end. Know it is there. Know this too will pass. Keep moving forward and you will find it. Tomorrow will be another day. Be patient.

Life Is 10% What Happens To You And 90% How You Respond

I share this because it is what it is. I share it because while it is an awful ordeal it doesn’t impinge on my spirit or on me or the gladness I feel. 99.5 percent of everything in our life is good. This is one horrible event. We will live on focused on the good 99.5. So yes, I do celebrate everything. We can. You can. All of us can. So go ahead and celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

Find 1% good and make it 100% good today!

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Photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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