Good Things Always Come Your Way If You Are Open To It


I interrupt our series of blogs on ‘How To Get People To Do What You Want’ to share with you some wonderful bits about today. I enjoy the notions of synchronicity, coincidence, and happenstance. I enjoy the notions of attraction and manifestation. l like mystery.

I like magic. The mysterious and delightfully wonderful and bizarre mystic Gurdjieff wrote a fascinating book titled ‘Meetings With Remarkable Men’ which could be a book that I write. My life has been filled with remarkable people of high intelligence.

I have been surrounded by incredible spiritual mystics, deep thinkers, movers and shakers; people of vast wealth and influence, and great talent. I have been fortunate to have had, and today, still gain access to remarkable people of tremendous insight.

Create A Positive Atmosphere In Your Life And Good Will Happen

Many of the most influential people and profound mentors in my life have been powerful women. Many of these in the areas of health, and show business. Today, I was fortunate to be invited to lunch by a very, very wealthy influential gentleman who’ll remain nameless.

From Noon to 3:30 this afternoon I was delighted to spend time listening and learning and conversing with he and a few other friends he had invited. He bought us lunch and we hung out. At one point, I asked what he attributed his great success to.

He looked me in the eye and said, ‘I listen. I learned to listen well. I listen to everything and I remember it. I am a sneaky listener too. I listen to others when they talk. I listen so I can connect with people. I listen so that attention is off of me and on the other person.’

Be Patient The Best Things Happen Unexpectedly – Remain Open

He continued, ‘I listen. Then I know what is important to other people. I learn what they want and feel they need. Then, I know how to speak with them and help them begin to feel more fulfilled. It’s about the other person; not about me. I’m not that interesting.’

Later in my day, I I met a younger man who said he spent most of his life in special-education. Not as an instructor but as one labeled with special needs. He told me about himself. It was fascinating what he was doing with his life. He was making things happen. It was great.

He had a very positive attitude. He was a person of faith. He mentioned that he was learning to do something by watching YouTube videos over, and over, and over again. He’d watch powerful speakers speak and we would learn their positive messages.

Sometimes Good Things Need To End For Better Ones To Happen

He also mentioned he was learning to do dry wall. He stated it was basically very simple. The process  was measure twice cut and once. If you screw up do it again. It was simple and to the point. Mistakes were learning points but no big deal. Learn and improve.

One of the things that struck me most in what he shared was he said, ‘I can teach myself anything I want.’  And he does. Here’s a guy who spent his entire life labeled as a special needs kid stating he can teach himself to be anything he wants.  AND he is!

He recently moved to this area and was getting to know people and enjoying it, although it was much colder. Eventually, he hopes to move to the southeast. He was a fascinating person and his attitude is indeed marvelous. I enjoyed my time with people today.

Focus On What Matters Stay Positive – Good Things Will Happen

Each morning I wake up and my first thoughts are, ‘I love my life. Today, something magical will happen for me. I accept and allow all the unexpected good and gifts that come my way. What can I do to be of service? How might I help?’ I love waking up celebrating.

Then I find out how these manifest themselves. Every day I am delightfully surprised in big and small ways. Sometimes big wonderful things come my way and sometimes I am tickled. Each day I’m open proves to be fascinating and I meet remarkable people.

I learned a lot from two people at different ends of the financial spectrum today. What a fabulous blessing! I love my life. Let’s all look for what we can enjoy, delight in and learn from. We are surrounded by opportunity each and every moment. Let’s celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

Today, live, love, learn and laugh!

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Photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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6 thoughts on “Good Things Always Come Your Way If You Are Open To It”

  1. I have just begun learning to let the magic happen. I am usually very organized and goal orriented. So letting the serendipity and happenstance happen is so much fun that I am learning to be learning. But I also like signing five contracts with billionaires in the past year.

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  2. Waking up (when I can actually sleep) in the most extreme pain I have felt in many years every morning because of cracked ribs with a terrible cough following a bout of flu, this has been the single most important thing that keeps me focussed on the positive. I learned from you long ago Rex that looking for what is good and new and being grateful for everything that happens helps you through all the tough times as well as enhancing the good times. So what have I been able to gain from these excruciatingly pain-filled days? Well, catch up on outstanding and important tasks I can manage within my physical limitation at present, time to think deeply about what I want to achieve in 2017 (never really gave it the time it deserved before), nurture myself and put myself first for once – always serving others did not give me that time before, watching my health and nutrition to make sure my body has all it needs to heal, reading things that have been on the backburner for far too long and most importantly, using the pain to remind me I am very much alive and so grateful for that. So for me, this has reminded me that even in the most bizarre situation, there is positive to be found and that has given me the impetus to believe that I can still achieve my dreams.

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    1. Wow beautifully said. Thanks for sharing this. We can all learn to be better off from paying attention to your words and attitude. Everything can be a blessing and is when we say it is.

      I love your point about being grateful for being very much alive. Pain is a signal and can be used constructively, yet, most of us, for obvious reasons, attempt to alleviate it. When it is ongoing for a while, to use it as you do is incredible.

      You are healing and heal faster with a great attitude, and optimistic outlook and plenty of plain old good, clean pure water. Thanks so much for sharing what is going on and how you are celebrating and using your time.

      All the best. Godspeed!

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  3. HI Rex,

    Lovely blog post today. Would like to share some with you with respect to what you wrote. You don’t know me though I have purchased a few of your programs from you. But for reference, John Altfeld does know me personally.

    My primary spiritual teacher/shaman/etc embodies a very eclectic hodge-podge of different traditions but one of them is the Gurdjieffian 4th Way tradition. He is also a well-known artist who has had paintings in the White House, a painting in the permanent collection of the Smithsonian, and his paintings have been used as backdrops at the International Jazz Festival in NYC, and also for Winton Marsalis shows, he is also a sculptor, designs spiritual video games of which there are about a hundred available, has hundreds and hundreds of music cds available and they are good, hundreds of dvd’s of various sorts, knew most of the big names in the sixties music scene, teaches music, jewelry making, has an absolutely amazing on-line real-time ashram, has written a gazillion books, has a daily talk on line, a band on line once a week, etc., etc., etc.,–one of those guys who is so prolifically productive that it is hard to keep up with.

    It is all within the context of spirituality and personal evolution and service to the whole, with a large part of the focus being on application both as a service to others and at large and as a kind of daily practice ‘americanized’ applications of the teachings from the Tibetan Book of the Dead.

    Given what you described in your blog, he will probably be of interest to you in general. However, the specific reason that prompted me to write to you is that one of his recommended work-lines is that of magic. He has a book out called Magic in the Mirror. Here is what it says on the back cover, which may be of interest to you: Theatrical magic demands high attention, a deep understanding of what makes people “tick”, powerful sensing, impeccable timing, an extrasensory attention on the space and the audience’s reactions to your performance, a deep level of self-observation and self-study which comes naturally from your efforts, not from a book or CD, a deepening facility with your moving center, emotional center and mental center and a balanced functioning of those ordinarily disconnected centers, a direct and potent connection with the Higher Self, and much, much more…

    There’s the objective and the reflection and they come together at one point, then turn, then separate. As you’re pretending to be a magician, there’s you as the magician, there’s you pretending to make objects disappear and to appear, and then there’s you that makes the coin disappear and appear. It’s illusion for a long, long time, then eventually it becomes real.”

    That last sentence is quite a statement. And given my sense of you Rex, and today’s blog post, it seems like you would be interested in this kind of thing. His world is, at least in my experience, a rabbit whole that seems to have no end to it and incredibly humbling as well as dauntingly overwhelming.

    The magic part I thought would be of interest and yet is just one relatively small part of a much much bigger picture that is sometimes a bit inscrutable and hidden even though simultaneously very straightforward and accessible and penetrable, but not without a good amount of effort. Anyway, with respect to the magic part there is also a website

    Here is a link to the book on Amazon

    The main website for the guy and his teachings–though they have hundreds–is (Institute for the Development of the Harmonious Human Being) and links to all sorts of other stuff.

    Hope some of this proves of interest and or value to you.

    On a different note, am curious where you live. If in the Los Angeles area, would love to have lunch with you sometime.

    Happy New Year and happy everything else to you,

    +Mark Roche

    On Sat, Jan 7, 2017 at 1:20 AM, Rex Sikes’ Daily Inspiration and Gratitude wrote:

    > rexsikes posted: ” I interrupt our series of blogs on ‘How To Get People > To Do What You Want’ to share with you some wonderful bits about today. I > enjoy the notions of synchronicity, coincidence, and happenstance. I enjoy > the notions of attraction and manifestation. l l” >

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