Who You Are Speaks Volumes: You Can’t Hide It


“First impressions are lasting impressions. Are you a friendly, reliable, loyal, honest, trustworthy person that people want to do business with or say yes to? What message do they get fromYOU beyond the message you are attempting to communicate? WHO are you?

It’s important you understand what you are broadcasting to others. Because who you are and what you do is what people meet first; even on the phone. It isn’t only the words you use it is quality of your voice. What does the voice sound like? What impression do we get?

You cannot not communicate. You are communicating always. Speaking or silent  the message YOU is being transmitted. Be aware of who you are and what message your are always offering. How you stand, walk, sit speaks volumes. How you look; the look in your eyes.

The Medium Is The Message – You Can’t Not Communicate

The quality of your voice. The confidence or lack of it when you speak. You can’t hide who you are so you shouldn’t try. You should develop yourself into an awesome person and presence whom people enjoy and want to be around, do things for and say yes to.

More on this later. Simply become aware of what you broadcast day and night. It may surprise you to learn. Are you broadcasting positivity or negativity; friendliness or unfriendliness; WHAT do you broadcast? Who are you? What is important to you? It all goes out!

Everyone picks up something about you. They read signals and interpret or misinterpret. What message are they getting? An easy way to be more likable is to become filled with gratitude and express it freely. Live in appreciation and become so filled it spills over to the others. Celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

Have a fun day!

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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