What To Do To Begin Changing Your Life For The Better 1


“People ask me what they might do to begin transforming their mind and their life? It is simpler than you think it is. The only limitations that truly exist, exit in our thoughts or ways of thinking. One of the best things you can do is fill your mind with positive thoughts.

I suggest you read my blog. Go to the very first one and read a little bit each day. Read 30 minutes, or 5 minutes. Read thirty pages or 1 page. Everyday read and make a study of what you read. Revisit and re-read. Immerse yourself for as much time as possible. Journal.

If you can’t read a page a day read a paragraph. Read a single sentence. Just build a consistent habit. Remember ‘the proper fruit of knowledge is action’. Take one small action step each day toward what you want. One tiny baby step is all that is necessary to move.

Relax – Let Go – Simply Remain A Witness – Allow Accept Enjoy 

Decide to read daily and commit to it. That is good. Determine to meditate for a few moments. Just watch your thoughts and do nothing. Be an observer and not a participant. Don’t judge. Allow all to run their course. Allow your thoughts to go by as leaves on water.

You can choose to focus on your breathing. Put your attention on just your breath. Whether you choose to focus on thoughts or breath if your attention strays; fine THAT IS WHAT IT IS ALL ABOUT. When you notice you strayed bring you attention back.

Refocus your attention on your thoughts or breath gently without judgement. You WILL develop your concentration and your ability to notice and return easily. Go ahead and give it a go.  Spend a couple minutes. Even two or three to begin. Gradually increase the time.

Breathe In – Breathe Out – Let It Be – Remain Aware And At Ease

Build up until you can do five or seven. Later you can always do more. NEVER bite off more than you can chew. BABY Steps. 1% is more than plenty. Spend quality time rather than quantity time. Less can be more. Watch your thoughts and your breath. Merely observe.

Watch your wandering without judgement. Watch your return without judgement.  The key is to allow what is without any form of  judgement. Allow the process but let go of the judging.  You only LEARN to do this by doing it. This is HOW we begin. Bit by bit.

If you judged, fine you judged. That is what IS. You simply watch your breath. You forget or get distracted by other thoughts. You get upset and judge. Somewhere in all this you return attention to your breath. It may happen over and over. It’s ok. That’s how  you learn. Repeat.

Correct Repetition For Long Enough Time Becomes Habit And Skill

JUDGE THE HELL OUT OF IT if you wish. Just don’t quit. Eventually you will learn to ease up on the judgement without attacking it directly. Just allow it. Then be done with it at some point. Get it? Gentle, easy, is the way. The process is the point. You learn by doing.

Practice gratitude. Feel grateful. Delight in everything. As you increase your awareness and move forward acknowledge it. Pat yourself on the back. Be happy. Feel good. Good feelings will move you forward more swiftly. Look for things to feel good about. Seek and you will find. Celebrate everything!’ Rex Sikes

Delight and enjoy your day!

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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