Why Meditation? Why Let Go? Why This, Why That?


“Why meditation? Why let go? Why be a witness or an observer? Why practice this awareness? Why develop this habit? Why watch your thoughts or your breath? Why learn control over your thoughts, feelings and behaviors? What is this all about or for?

When you are able to remain calm and centered in the midst of the most trying circumstances you will know exactly why you developed this habit. Learning in this manner allows you to de-stress and live in the world confidently and positively. You’re freer and enjoy more.

Why gratitude and appreciation for things you already have? Why gratitude for things you don’t have yet? Why gratitude for challenges and problems and difficult people and disappointment? Why be thankful for ‘bad’ things? Why not just be negative and sad?

No Meditation No Life – Know Meditation Know Life

When you are grateful for anything and everything you freer. If everything is a blessing you are centered and calm. You are able to respond resourcefully and rise to the occasion with clear focused thought. You know it will work out no matter what. You know it.

You know you will accept whatever is good or bad, yet be able to get through it. You know that ultimately good will prevail and you can move forward. You let go and drop worry and anxiety, anger and frustration, sadness and helplessness. You are free and are strong.

You can act to change the situation but you do so from a centered place. You can act and move with heart and compassion. You are better equipped for any situation than when hot headed or ego driven. Stress has consequences. You can’t think or behave well.

Life Begins Where And When The Fear Ends – Live Courageously

From a centered place where you can let go, forgive and forget you can move forward more easily. When you can celebrate everything there is everything to celebrate. You discover all that you want and need you have. You discover opportunity and abundance. Get it?

You make it so. Whatever you think or say is what it is or will be. Free yourself from judgements. Recognize what is is. Allow it. Only speak or declare what you want. If you call it a problem it is a problem. If you call it a blessing then it is. You decide what things are. You do!

Life is your creation. You are involved in making it whatever it is each moment. You may not be aware of this but it is true. Your life is a reflection of your thoughts. It is your projection. When you can see that you can drop that and live authentically. Live in peace and freedom, You can love and be loved. You can laugh and celebrate more. In fact, you CAN celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

Enjoy the day!

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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