Stop Focusing On How To Do It And Do This Instead!


“The best attitude is one of faith. What do you believe in? Believe in yourself and that good things will happen. True, you do not know how and that doesn’t matter. It seems important because you have been trying to figure out how about everything since childhood.

It isn’t that important. The how will come. WHY is far more important. Your why either holds you back and prevents you from reaching your goals OR your why moves you forward to getting your goals. It provides the answers. The whys are your reasons.

The answers to why you haven’t are your excuses, blames, whines and reasons. They’re your ‘becauses’, causes and if-thens. Why is your de-motivator or motivator. How is the nuts and bolts you’ll figure out as you move along. Why is your reasons for success too.

Your Focus Determines Your Reality – You Get What You Focus On

The answer to your why is the reasons you do what you do. The Wright brothers didn’t know HOW to fly until they flew. If you asked them how before they actually did it what could they have said? Until it worked they didn’t know but they could tell you the why.

They could tell you why they wanted to fly; why they wouldn’t give up even though their family thought they were nuts. The could answer why they kept going in spite of the odds. Why moved them to figure out the how through repeated experimenting and failure.

They kept at it. They kept trying because their why was big enough to keep them interested. It kept them going when they didn’t know how they were ever going to succeed. Almost all of us have been conditioned to always ask how before we engage. Sad, but true.

Focus On Where You Want To Go And Why You Want To Get There

We don’t and won’t move until we know how. We wait. That is silly. The ‘how’ comes from experience. Begin where you are and you will pick up experience as you move along. Right now focus on why you want it, how that makes you feel and expect the best to occur.

Successful people who have the winner mind set expect good things to happen. They know something good will come from challenges. Nothing is a disaster, nothing is a problem. It is just a situation from which good will ultimately arise. They look for the good. They act!

Because they look they are more apt to find. They can-do and they don’t emphasize or focus or exaggerate their difficulties. Yes, it may be annoying. It might be a bit frustrating but good will come from it. They focus on the positive and each step. They reframe the negative.

When You Feel Like Quitting Think About Why You Started

Yes, ‘I lost my job but I was looking for new options. Now this will give me time to look for something better.’ You don’t put on rosy glasses and ignore it. You don’t act blissful or ignorant. You look at it and realistically appraise it and act. Remember, life goes on.

Yes, it may be troublesome but what can you learn and benefit by experiencing this? Expect it to ultimately work out EVEN THOUGH you can’t see it nor do you know how. You don’t know how but but you know it will. That’s the attitude. The how doesn’t matter.

Keep the faith! Do you get it? If not re-read this a few times. Sit with it for a while. Reflect on it. Meditate. Let go of judgements and simply stay open. Receive. Wait and be patient. Don’t try to understand it allow it to open up to you. Feel grateful. Be thankful it is as it is and you are as you are. Be appreciate in all things and celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

Have a fabulous day!

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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3 thoughts on “Stop Focusing On How To Do It And Do This Instead!”

  1. This is a wonderful way of looking at things! We really don’t engage till we understand ‘how’ because we think it is good to be rational and to plan before we leap.
    Having the faith does sound right, the way you talk about the importance of understanding our ‘whys’.
    I really needed to hear this today. Thanks for sharing!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Trying to figure out how to do something used to drive me nuts because no one actually had the answers to what a I wanted which from my point of view was impossible anyway. When I started to move physically ahead like I knew what I was doing and had faith that the answers would come, the how to answers came easily. It is more about moving ahead with faith and then letting the world inspire you with the exact how to. I am constantly jumping into new worlds “knowing nothing” but knowing “exactly” what I want and “walking forward” like I already have the answers and then the answers “always” come and I suceed. Be brave step forward for your dream, the answers will come….”you will see”….

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