No Pain No Gain Is BS! Stop The Insanity Pt 2


“In the last blog you learned the key to personal change is to get take control of your thinking. Steer it to the positive and you will feel better. As you feel better you will become more productive and get better results. That is it in a nutshell. Create it inside then outside.

Continued from No Pain No Gain Is BS Stop The Insanity Pt 1

Become positive, imagine it is possible in your mind first, and then create it. You make it happen. It all begins with the thought and then you bring it about. If you don’t fully believe it you keep affirming it and visualizing it until you do. That is the process of autosuggestion.

That is how it works. For some readers they may not be ready yet to embrace the notion, If you are ready congratulations because then you can make your experience more to your liking. If not, well, you will find out one day when, perhaps, you do become ready.

You Can Learn Something New And Useful And Good Everyday

There are many accelerated learning approaches. There are numerous whole brain learning activities and exercises. I incorporated these into my training program so participants could learn well, thoroughly and completely, while enjoying the process.

They still could be challenged and stimulated to grow and could do so in a friendly, fear free, stress-free environment. The learner mindset and values validated and appealed to. At the same time the learner was encouraged to try on new ways to absorb material.

The learner could evolve and enjoy. From time to time I share some of these approaches here. I have them in my programs and upcoming books but one of the most useful mindsets to adopt is ‘I can learn to do anything easily and well’. I can mentality makes a huge difference.

Kids Learn More Through Play And Modeling Than By Instruction

You may not believe it at first but if you follow what I suggest, AND what others have suggested since time immemorial, you will come to believe it the more you repeat it to yourself enthusiastically with great emotion. The more positively charged the quicker you get it.

Go back and read through my blogs. Read Napoleon Hill, Wallace Wattles, Ernest Holmes and other great thought leaders. You can accomplish so much more when you take charge of your thinking.

Change your thinking and you change your world. You can get better results. Use affirmations, use my Directed Questions™, read and listen to inspirational material, sing, dance, play, have fun, hang out with powerfully positive people. All of this will have a great effect.

Things You Take For Granted Other People Are Praying For

Practice gratitude! Probably the fastest, most enjoyable, life altering practice you can engage in is finding things to appreciate and feeling blessed. The more you look the more you find. The more you find the more you will find and the better you will feel. It is amazingly simple.

When everything becomes a true blessing the pain ceases. You become freer than you can imagine. The struggles cease. It isn’t that the environment or causes magically change it is that YOU change. When you change everything changes. YOU make the difference.

Your attitude, mindset, make all the difference. When you realize this then the ‘no pain no gain’ approach can end. You can learn and grow more rapidly through gratitude and celebration. You can have fun, delight, be surprised and enjoy. So do it. Discover it for your self. You will as you begin to celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

Make each moment merry!

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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