Life Isn’t Difficult Or Complicated When You Do This


“Have you ever feel life is complicated?  Do you sometimes feel overwhelmed? Do you get discouraged from time to time? If you answer yes, there is something you can do to free yourself from these feelings and move ahead the way you want more easily.

Remember this. Keep it in mind. Focus on it. Practice it moment to moment. You get what you focus on. Taking charge of life first begins by taking charge of your mind. To be successful and happy in life you need to control your thinking and gain the upper hand. You can do it!

It is not complicated. It is not always easy but it is absolutely doable. When you become aware of feeling other than you want examine your thinking. If it is negative shift your thoughts from what you are thinking about to something more positive. Feelings are a sign.

Don’t Limit Yourself – You Can Go As Far As You Think You Can

They let you know when you thinking isn’t useful for you. When you thinking sucks you feel it. Celebrate that you have such a wonderful alarm system. It gets your attention with yucky feelings so you can change them. Sadly, most people have learned to wallow in them.

You don’t have to. That is not what they are intended for. Acknowledge, accept and change them. Steer them to what you prefer instead. Bit by bit. Gradually, if you practice it and do it, you will learn the knack. It will get easier and easier. Just stick with it.

The best way to do this is to practice the positive thoughts in advance when you don’t need them. They will be very effective during practice and then later when you do need them. In doing this you build your habit for thinking positively and powerfully.

Good Things Come To Those Who Act And Make Them Happen

Your habits determine results. It begins with your thoughts, which produce feelings, which in turn produce or further the thoughts you think. If positive, and you feel good, you will have more positive thoughts. If negative, you feel bad and, more negativity results.

Your feelings determine your actions. Your actions determine the results you want. If you want great rewarding results begin with positive and powerful thinking. Get it? Practice positive thoughts, called affirmations, when you don’t need them. Plus, when you do.

Practice asking yourself Directed Questions™, positive questions so worded to direct your thinking easily and effortlessly to what you want, and visualizing positive results. Morning and night and anytime you have a free moment take the time and re-affirm.

Whether You Think You Can Or You Think You Can’t You’re Right

It will work wonders. If you do this daily soon it will become a practical habit that will help you increase your joy in life and accomplish what you want to accomplish. Remember, you always get what you focus on. You become what you think about most.

If your thoughts most of the time are positive, happy, productive thoughts that is what you get in return. Why? Because you produce it. You make it happen. Your thoughts lead to your feelings which lead to your actions and then the results you get. You evolved you!

Keep this in mind. Life IS simple. You create your experience by your own thinking and feeling patterns. What you believe about yourself and the world is what becomes true for you. Choose the best thoughts and practices and you can make your life marvelous. Do it! Celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

Make your day the best day possible!

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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3 thoughts on “Life Isn’t Difficult Or Complicated When You Do This”

  1. Dear Rex,
    It is empowering to understand that life is simple and that we can create our own experiences. Your advice is very helpful.
    Could you please tell me more about Directed Questions, that you mention in the post?


    1. Thanks for your comment and question. You can learn more by doing search for Directed Questions right here at this blog. I have other articles about it, about me and it from other sources. I have taught this since the early 80’s and have kept it under radar although some have appropriated portions of it but have missed the scope and the spirit. Here are some you tube links about it.

      There you go enjoy some of these links. Stay tuned on the blog site. Hopefully, soon we will be changing urls but all the content will be there too and we continue from there.

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