Do This One Thing And Claim Greater Power And Control!


“Many people do not want to face the fact that everything we do is by choice. Though science estimates we are 99.5% or better unconsciously automated by thinking, feeling and behavioral habits, we acquired while growing  up, we still have some ability to choose.

Mostly, we have the ability to choose to change our habits and neurologically rewire our thinking, feeling and behaving. That is where we find our power. When we replace the conditioning we acquired while growing up we become free. Yup, truly free!

We recondition ourselves with supportive thoughts, feelings and behaviors that serve us better than the old ones. Some people don’t believe this is possible and remain a victim of their conditioning. Others step forward and decide to do whatever it takes to change.

Think And Speak Positive And Positive Things Will Happen

The point is we still have some choice left in us. That tiny portion of conscious choice is an incredible gift. Because of it we can determine to accomplish many incredibly things. Therefore, it is important we use it wisely, productively and positively. Aim it for good results!

One important exercise in awareness and developing positive control and power is to begin to listen to what you say. Listen and make changes. Do not say anything that you do not want to become true for you. Whether you think this is a possibility or not.

Adopt the mental frame that it is. Imagine your words are powerful and even magical. Whatever you say will manifest. Therefore, pretend anything you say comes true AND do not say anything you don’t want to come true. Only speak what you want to manifest.

Talk More About Your Blessings Than You Do About Your Burdens

Choose your words. Choose what you say to yourself silently and out loud to others. Become aware that you can choose to rephrase and even rethink it. Don’t allow yourself to speak anything other than what you choose. When you choose you exercise your power.

Do it. Try it on. Listen and become aware. Speak only to bless, heal and prosper. Put a positive watchdog or guard before your lips. If you utter something that isn’t what you want go ahead, change it or re-speak it. Do this for at 30 days consistently. Be rigorous.

A couple things will happen. You will become so much more aware of your automated thoughts and things you say. You will notice how NOT positive you are. You will notice how what you say supports what you don’t have or the problems that repeatedly occur.

Speak Victory Not Defeat – What You Say Is What You Get

You will notice things changing for the better. You will notice yourself speaking in a more targeted and productive way. You will get clearer on what you want. You will become more positive and potentially more productive. Everything can change! Stick with it.

My hope for you is you discover you true power and your true self. You can and will. I hope you will stay with it and make it a life long habit. If you do you will discover things you never realized possible. Happy journey. Have fun. Be thankful and celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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