Unless You Do This You Are Bound To Fail!

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“For nearly 40 years I have asked this question in articles, presentations and seminars near and far, ‘What is it that stops most people?’ What is it that prevents people from being happy, having the career they want, a great relationship and living their dreams?

Some answer fear. Some say doubt. Others answer procrastination. Apathy some say. Others chime in struggle, it’s too hard. Failure, they give up. I get many similar answers. What is the bottom line? What are all these made of? What is common among these?

Thoughts. A thought. A mental packet of elctro-chemical energy is what stops most people. People think they are afraid. They have thoughts of doubt; they think it is too hard. They tried and are convinced they can’t succeed. They think, ‘I’ll do it later.’

Who You Think You Are Or Are Not Can Hold You Back

This is why I have been a champion for gaining control of what goes on in your head, between your ears, and in your body. People allow themselves to lose out, miss out, not have what they want and don’t even try because of what they think repeatedly day in and day out.

The truth is this! ALL IT IS IS A HABIT! You think it otherwise? Of course, you do AND that IS the point. People have learned lines of thinking that they repeat blindly throughout the years that determine the course of their lives and they do not change it.

They think the same thing over and over and wonder why life doesn’t change. IT WON’T either unless people change what they learned to do so well. In order to change one needs to know a changes is necessary. One needs to become aware. Awareness!

Discipline Is Your Friend Not Your Enemy – Create Good Habits

Then one needs to know what to change and change it. If you are engaged in a non-supportive or destructive habit then you must first realize it is the habit causing the problems and replace the habit with a better, supportive productive one. Get it? You must do something.

If you do nothing everything remains the same. Some people try many things, they change jobs, they try to diet, they change partners, they move to different locations BUT their thinking remains the same. That is why they marry the same person again and again.

That is why they find themselves repeating the same mistakes in different places. Their thinking remained the same. Take charge of your thinking and you can begin to change everything for the better. You can make improve your life. You can improve everything.

The Only Difference Between A Good And Bad Day Is Attitude

After all it is only a thought. Thoughts can be changed. The thoughts you think are the basis for your feelings and your actions. What you think and believe create your reality, your present and your tomorrow. Your thoughts form your experiences.

Learn to change your thoughts! Learn to manage your thoughts. Learn to take charge of your thinking and you will improve your life! Everything can begin to change when you choose what you think. You win when you tell your brain what to think instead of your brain telling you. Take charge! Choose! Celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

Surprise yourself!  Do something new today.

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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