When You Understand This You More Easily Make Changes

Want To Change Your Life-

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I had been wrestling with a major respiratory ailment for a few weeks now. I say that only to put it in a historical perspective. It has been an incredible blessing and I have learned a lot going through it. I’ve learned so much about manifesting what we want more of.

In order to be healthy or wealthy or happy one needs to feel healthy or wealthy or happy first. From that feeling or state of being we more readily manifest what we desire. So during this time I emphasized how incredible I feel and how blessed I am. It works!

We Are What We Repeatedly Do Excellence Is A Habit Not An Act

What I want to share with you is something I have been pointing out for many, many years. How our habits dictate what we do, pay attention to, what we get and why we must replace these in order to make the changes we want to. Here’s an example from my life.

About a week ago the electrical socket in one of my bathrooms went bad. It throws the circuit breaker. No power in rooms. 3 of the bedrooms and a bathroom. Because of my condition I didn’t run out to replace it. There are no lights or electricity in any of the rooms.

Nearly, every time I go into one of the rooms, particularly the bathroom, I hit the light switch. I know it doesn’t work but I turn it on anyway. I have done this nearly every time I enter. Why do I do it when I know it doesn’t work? Habit! It is a habit. It is reliable.

Skill To Do Comes Of Doing 

My brain knows what to do because it has always done it. It will continue to until a new habit replaces it. If I never replace the socket eventually the light turning on behavior would extinguish. That would take as long and as many times as it takes. It is what it is.

Why is this example important? When it comes to making the changes you want, you have to hang in there long enough to override the old conditioning. You need to replace the old non-supportive habits with new supportive ones. Your brain doesn’t care.

Your brain doesn’t know the difference between a supportive habit and a non-supportive one any more than it knows the electricity is off in my bathroom. It does what it does. In order to change what it does we must change what we do. We must practice it and rehearse.

You Go Where Your Thoughts Take You 

We continue to perform new thoughts, feelings and behaviors until they become reliable new replacement habits. The good news is as we begin to change these habits the process of changing habits becomes easier. The more we do the more we can do.

As Emerson said, ‘do the thing and get the power’. I hope you learn and use this example from my life to transform yours. Manage your thoughts and feelings. Those who complain that The Secret doesn’t work are typically those who don’t try correctly for long enough.

It isn’t magic. It isn’t wishful thinking. It is dedication to replacing limiting thoughts, beliefs, feelings and behaviors that no longer serve us, but have prevented us from living as we want to. We can change anything we want but we must be committed to changing.

Take Control Of Your Habits Take Control Of Your Life

Find blessings in everything. Look each day for what you can feel thrilled about and grateful for. Make it a habit. You will radically transform your life for the better, and discover the improvements you seek when you live in appreciation and celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

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Delight in all things!

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