Learn To Do This Now To Heal Help And Receive More!

“What does it mean to give? Can one go beyond the conventional definition and begin to experience true compassion? What are the rewards in going this extra mile? To receive one must be a good receiver and a good giver. Giving opens the doorway to receive.

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I also include a link to an article I hope you enjoy. Pope Francis on giving. I think he made some excellent points and am providing the link so you can read it too.

Click Here To Read Article On Giving

Giving can be an unconditional act which seems to be the biblical injunction, or it can be a qualified act expecting some form of reciprocation. True compassion, true giving, means you give without qualifications. There are no strings attached.

Don’t worry about how the recipient utilizes your gift. Give and connect with the people you give to.  Treat people as people. Don’t just pass by the people you might give to on the street,  My belief is this form of giving is similar to the biblical form of forgiveness.

Forgive to forgive. Your forgiveness releases you. It has nothing to do with the object of your forgiveness. Let it go and go beyond petty grudges and ‘I’ll forgive but will never forget’ thinking. Give.  Forgive. Love. Help heal freely without qualifications. Celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

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One thought on “Learn To Do This Now To Heal Help And Receive More!”

  1. Every time I practice giving wondrous things happen, example. A young man, Paul asked me to help him get his dream. I spents months working with him helping him get his plan together, I expected nothing in return. After several months he told me he needed me to get him in todays money ten million dollars by the end of the month. At the end of the month I had his ten million dollars. Now I got nothing from this except one thing I was not expecting. “I now know” anytime I need ten million dollars I can get it easily in about twentyone days anytime I want it. I got it through the sixth sense discribed in Think and Grow Rich. It was very much like a miracle just like Napoleon Hill dicribes the sixth sense. If anyone wants to see the exact working of the sixth sense send me your first name and email address and I will send you a copy of the exact discription of it’s working in my life my address is: cigaminc@gmail.com


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