Eliminate Unwanted Behaviors Now Using These Tips!

“You want to change but have not been able to. You’d like to stop whatever holds you back and move forward powerfully. You want to get better at particular skills and improve what you do. Continue to read on and learn how you can increase these abilities right now.

In order to change we need to replace the non-supportive habits we have grown up with. We need to replace the limited thinking and mental conditioning we adopted and grew up being influenced by. We need to practice new positive thoughts and feelings.

We need to develop positive new supportive habits to take their place.  We do this by practice. We do this by rehearsing the new thoughts, feelings and behaviors as we do any skill. Practice a little bit each day makes a world of difference. Athletes know this.

Practice Is The Difference Between Ordinary And Extraordinary

To get good at anything you must schedule time for it.  Through correct practice and  repetition for a long enough duration we create the neural pathways that are necessary to make these new habits. It is better to do a little bit daily than a lot once or twice a week.

We create new supportive thought, feeling and behavioral habits that then become automatic and reliable and replace the old ones. This is how we change. This is why we must persist. I have shared this with you for many years prior to, and within, these blogs.

Click Here To Watch This Must See Brief TedTalk Video On Practice

Hope you enjoyed this video. I hope it helped you understand why we need to dedicate ourselves to our own personal transformation. Correct practice works.  Practice those things that count. Create positive thought habits, feeling habits and behaviors. Practice!

Practice Gratitude. Practice feeling blessed. Practice feeling the good you desire as already having occurred. Practice visualizing and affirmations. You get better and better as you do. You can develop incredibly powerful positive habits. Begin today! Celebrate everything! Rex Sikes

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