Today Is A Day Of Celebration

Today, I celebrate 1000 consecutive, published blog posts! BOOM! If truth be told I have another 208 unpublished drafts sitting in the wings. If you are a reader of my blog, subscriber or follower, please help me celebrate by leaving a comment and a like here today!

I began this blog, years before on Facebook, posting primarily infographics and articles from others. This has been a passion and love of mine for quite some time. I love our ability to evolve and take control of our destiny. I am thrilled we can live our dreams!

Through ups and downs we can manage our thoughts and feelings and actions and create the life and opportunities we desire. We can begin to live life on our terms. I wanted to write and share about it. I wanted to reveal what I have learned in more than 40 years.

What You Think And Feel And What Manifests Is Always A Match

Hopefully, this blog fulfills its purpose; to inspire and help us feel more grateful. Gratitude is so important. It IS the transformational key. When we can feel blessed, no matter what is going on in us or around us, we are transforming ourselves and the world.

I plan to continue the blog, adding positive changes and more value into the future. I have plans for many more things coming up. Some take time to realize. This blog itself will change name and url sometime soon. We’ve been working on it for quite some time.

I hope you stay with us. I hope you comment and share. I have asked for feedback many times. I have posted a survey. I hope you get involved and let me know how I can best serve and help meet your needs. Please comment, like and share to others so we can grow.

Hold The Vision Trust The Process Fulfill The Mission – Love Life

I thank all my mentors during my life. There have been many in many different fields. Hypnosis and intuition, NLP, accelerated learning, acting and filmmaking, meditation, the science of thought and personal achievement, money management and so much more.

I thank those present in my life and those from ancient times. I am indebted to Napoleon Hill and like-minded thought leaders through time. I am thrilled with all the people I have met, loved, liked and been challenged by during my life-time. I am happy for the struggles.

With that in mind, remember to have fun, delight, stay focused on what you want to create. Build it! Manifest it. Attract it. Make it happen. Have fun, stop trying harder. Start trying smarter. Live, love, laugh, and learn. Feel the goal already achieved. Feel fulfilled.

Imagination Is More Important Than Knowledge Live Your Dreams

Be at peace. Remain in harmony with all the people, places and things that surround you. Live from your light. Embrace challenges and opportunities. Spread love. Go the extra mile. Serve others. Give generously and receive abundantly. Thrill and be enthused. Celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

Stay invincible!

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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15 thoughts on “Today Is A Day Of Celebration”

    1. I encourage you to sign up here now and then later when the new blog site launches. It has been delayed many times – so might as well make sure you are getting them now and not wait. Thanks and all the best!


  1. These blogs have influenced me GREATLY. I even had the ‘greatest breakup ever’ recently with my now ex girlfriend because of them and Rex. I share them often almost daily. As a daily passage it’s the best I’ve ever seen.

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  2. Congratulations on the big 1000. I read your posts almost everyday and they always inspire and motivate me. Thank you. I look forward to the expansion of your dreams!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Congratulations Rex! It’s amazing to see your dedication, you and are blog are an example of what one can do when effort and determination are put together. Your words inspire me daily, keep up your awesome work!

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