Live Now How You Want To Be Living Later

I wrote yesterday about celebrating my 1000th consecutive published blog post.Today, is 1001. I point this out because when I undertook writing it was not without some difficulty. I decided it I would write daily. I called this blog daily inspiration and gratitude.

I committed to it. I had no readers but I made a commitment to write daily to inspire and feel gratitude. That decision began everything. I mention this because what we decide to create, what we decide not to create governs us. Our decisions do shape our destiny.

Here is my point and this really isn’t about me, but I use it as an example. I had no idea what kind of commitment writing everyday meant. I only knew I intended to keep it. I knew that by doing so I would develop the habit. I would also WANT to maintain it.

You Provide The Desire And The Action The Universe Responds

I want to not break the chain. I want to keep it going. Hopefully, my writing has improved. I think it has because I have practiced it daily. I look forward to writing and sharing. I am conditioned to write and share. This is how we change. We make the decision first.

We decided what we want. We then begin. We  begin right from where we are at, in whatever condition we are in. We do something each day in service of that decision. The more we do the more we can do. The more we do the better we can get. We practice.

We keep our word and our commitments to ourself and others. We manage and maintain our attitude, thoughts and feelings. We create the actions that make it happen. In doing so we create our reality. We design and make happen what we want. Whatever it is.

Whatever You Can Dream You Can Do – Begin It – Take Action

Whether it is about writing a blog, getting out of debt and becoming financially free, developing more loving relationships, have more fun, freedom and living our dreams, whatever it is about, we can make it happen, when we decide to and take inspired action steps each day.

It is the steady progress toward fulfilling a goal that keeps us on track. The more we progress the better it feels and the more we progress. There will always be challenges and obstacles but how we get through those depends much on how we view those. It does.

Mindset is the first and foremost skill you want to develop. A steel will and backbone to persist comes from doing and overcoming challenges. The kite rises highest against the wind. Passion is important because without it, it is unlikely you will continue.

Whatever You Consistently Hold In Your Mind You Manifest

It must be worth it to you. It must be important and all consuming. It is important to have fun, too. It is good to have a sense of humor, take things lightly and enjoy all of the process. When you don’t know what to do, do anything positive. Leave your comfort zone. Have fun.

Explore, delight and discover. Adventure. Be playful. Make your dreams happen and have a great time doing so. Stop struggling. Stop worrying. Start living now, how you want to be living later. THAT is the art and the science of making everything you want happen.

Live NOW, how you want to be living later. Stop delaying. Stop putting off. Stop making excuses. Stop whining and complaining. Start feeling good right now for no reason. Start by expressing gratitude. Focus on what you like. Focus on what thrills you.

I Am A Manifestation Of My Own Fantasies – I Am What I Think

Focus on what and who you appreciate. Focus on what makes you happy. Big or small. Tiny and insignificant. Find it and focus on it. Focus on these to the exclusion of all troubles and woes. Feel the power of feeling good! Do it now. Don’t wait. Begin immediately.

This IS how you transform. Where you put your attention and energy is what expands and you get more of. Put it on good things, wonderful things, lovely things, fantastic thoughts, feelings, memories and moments, then and now. Imbibe and savor these!

Focus on delight and you will be. Focus on crap and you get more crap. So stop that. Make love, passion, excitement, enthusiasm, happiness, peace and joy a habit. Do it daily. Practice and rehearse and you get better at it. Begin to celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

Be bold! Be passionate! Live your dreams today!

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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7 thoughts on “Live Now How You Want To Be Living Later”

  1. Lovely work with No.1001 Rex. I’m still testing how communicating on your blog works. In case my blog reply is not private, can you respond to the email I have sent you please? =)


    1. Your comments will be posted here and visible. If you choose to email your comments please do. I responded to one email you sent. I have not received any other.


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