Important Things To Do When Feeling Blue

“Remember, the tide goes out and comes back in. The cold becomes warm. To everything, there is a season. Thought and feeling management is based on creating supportive habits. Sometimes a break is nice. I tend to push through things. Sometimes, just allow.

Sometimes the contrast between feeling like it and not feeling like it can provide us with important insight and learning. Allow and surrender without giving up or giving in. Let go of how you think it should be and explore how it could be. Stop labeling and judging.

Look for tiny blessings that put a smile on your lips. Enjoy and delight. Morning comes. Whatever you focus on expands. Energy flows where attention goes. Attitude is everything. Where can you put your attention and focus that supports you? Find love, peace.

Listen To The Silence – It Speaks – Slow Down – Just Listen

What can you find that uplifts you? Look around. When blue, when stressed, when angry our focus constricts. Open it back up. Relax, breathe, move. Create some space. Step back a bit. Allow, let go. Stop and breathe. Breathe and focus on your breath. Listen. Listen.

Sigh. Hum. Sing. Breathe. Move. Walk. Notice, what else is around? Look around. Wonder, really wonder, what can you begin to explore and notice that is good and new? Go to nature. Sit. Imbibe. Listen, really listen. Look at the space. The empty spaces between things.

Do you realize there is more space than matter? Look at the space between branches and leaves. Between trees. Listen to the space between the notes in a song. Listen to the space between words. Create silence, listen to the space between your thoughts.

Silence Isn’t Empty – It Is Full Of Answers – Be Still And Know

Step back create some distance between you and the issue. Look at things from other angles, other perspectives. Lie down and look at the clouds. Look at the space between the clouds. Listen to a babbling brook; the sounds and silences in nature. Just listen.

Look for silver linings. Look for the good. Seek the good, however small. Seek what is new and different. Find anything to appreciate. Anything at all. ANYTHING! Large or small. Put your attention on the people, places, things, events, situations you are grateful for.

This changes everything. Keep the focus on what you are thankful for. That is where your energy will flow. That will change everything. It may start small, hardly noticable, or it may come in a flood. However it does, allow it. Celebrate it. Celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes


Suspend labeling and judgements today. Just be!

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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One thought on “Important Things To Do When Feeling Blue”

  1. One demension: thoughts, two demension: shadows: the glue of the universe, three demenions: precieved reality
    I find looking into the shadows to be very informative and exciting. Thanks for your thoughts and written shadows: find the shadows and find the power….
    Thanks Rex for your kind sharing. Your shadows are very helpful and very stimulating.


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