How To Solve Your Problems In Another Time Dimension

“One of the ways you can help yourself avoid future problems is by contingency planning.  You build a contingency plan by resolving the issue in future. Let’s use an example from the world of sales. Cold calling is something few people like and often abandon.

The reason for this is, even though you may be calling qualified ‘hot’ lead, the person on the other end of the phone is a stranger. That person ‘hot’, ‘warm’ or ‘cold’ frequently has requests for further information and objections. This can be difficult for the sales person.

The worst thing that can happen to a new sales person is to score big sales right out of the gate. While it is cause to celebrate and can help to increase confidence, too early of success means the salesperson doesn’t learn through trial and error experience. They learn one way.

Look Back And Smile On The Past – The Old Way Led To The New

They repeat the way that worked again and again. This results in hit or miss. Often, their sales, sadly, diminish. They can’t figure out what went wrong since they started off so well. Had they had some trials and tribulations they’d have learned multiple ways to sell.

So what you can do is visualize the sales call by phone or in person. See it going well. Fantastic. See yourself and the client or customer getting along and having great rapport. Imagine them and hear them say they will buy. Awesome, you made the sale. Anchor it.

Enjoy the feeling of success! Now, run scenarios in which each time you attempt to sell they come up with an excuse or objection. Watch and listen to how you overcome the objection. Imagine maintaining rapport and leading the client to a sale.

Stop Repeating Mistakes – Make New Ones – Fail Forward

Pick more and more difficult objections to resolve. Run scenario after scenario in your mind. Each time see yourself remain confident and resourceful while handling the objections satisfactorally.  Rehearse succeeding at overcoming any number of objections.

This is a good use of your mental skills. You imagine success. Then you imagine failure and how you overcome it. What do you think, say, and do that makes the difference? You can also role play with partners in real life. Here is another suggestion. The phone call.

You call. Introduce why you are there and they say not interested and hang up. OR they just hang up! How do you manage to make the next number of calls. Imagine yourself getting told ‘no’ and getting hung up on. Imagine yourself remaining resourceful. Feel it.

The Difference Between Ordinary And Extraordinary Is Practice

Feel resourceful. Every ‘no’ you imagine, let it make you more determined, more thrilled, more optimistic, more resourceful. What happens in real time is people get deflated. Find a way to take the ‘rejection’ and turn it into a positive resource that fuels you.

If you see yourself defeated in your mind you will be. That is what happens in real time. You can help prevent it by practicing in advance handling the tough times. Act as if you are resourceful and positive and can keep going. Rehearse maintaining these feelings.

Many people don’t include contingency planning in their visualizations and it is important. Imagine the obstacles and how you overcome them.  Also keep in mind whenever you have any difficulty that there is a time in the future when it won’t matter.

To Enjoy Success You Must Travel In Advance Of The World

There is a time coming, when what is happening now won’t matter any more.. At that time you can look back and see how the present less than glorious situation contributed to you, and benefited you in the long run.

It didn’t limit you though it may have seemed to at the time. Learn to appreciate these moments. Be grateful. Know that there are always plenty of opportunities if we remain open. Problems and rejection, hard times and obstacles all help us grow through experience. Without it we aren’t nearly as resourceful. Be thankful if success doesn’t happen too quickly. Learn, rehearse, make good habits and celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

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