There Are Two Basic Emotions Feel Good And Feel Bad

There are two basic emotions. You can feel good or feel bad.  The goal is is to feel good most of the time.  Don’t think you have to feel blissed out the entire time. The goal is to feel a little bit better, the best you can. This is important to understand. Feel better.

If you’re feeling down  you want to move into feeling a little bit better. Move in the direction of feeling good. Move incrementally. If you’re down it isn’t likely you will make a gigantic leap into feeling incredible. Just move bit by bit toward feeling better. Get it?

You can always feel a little bit better. Even now. That is your goal to spend most of your time feeling the best you are able to. Keep moving  in the direction of feeling good. Feel good more often than not. Keep it simple. There is only feeling good or feeling bad.

There Is Always Some Good In Each Day – Find It Celebrate It

Ask yourself which you are feeling? If you are feeling bad do something to change it.  Do whatever you can to feel better. Move more. Go for a walk. Get out in nature. Do some gardening or something enjoyable outdoors. Notice the beauty and freshness.

Do yoga. Exercise.  Meditate. Read or listen to some uplifting material.  Find positive and inspiring people to hang around with. Attend an event. Go to a workshop.  Invest in yourself. Shake it up. Put a smile on your face. Make someone else smile.

Compliment  people. Speak only to bless, heal and prosper. Talk positive not about negative things. Help someone who has a problem that’s worse than yours. As long as you’re moving toward feeling a bit better you are raising your energy in the right direction.

Accentuate The Positive – Something Wonderful Will Happen

When you feel bad, have negative thoughts, or feel fears, worries and anxieties take that as a signal that something is off and you need to adjust. Adjust and correct and do those things that make you feel better. Keep heading in the direction.

As long as you’re heading in the right direction you’re making progress. Gratitude is a great way to get out of being stuck and feeling less than glorious. Look around at everything you can appreciate and express it. Delight in it. Celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

What can you make more fun today?

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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