Accept What Is As It Is And Accelerate Your Transformation

“Here’s a mindset that may seem difficult to adopt or except but if you do, I can promise you can get fantastic results. Here goes. Accept what is, as whatever it is is. Consider yourself lucky and blessed to have the opportunity to experience it. Feel lucky!

Whether what IS, is good or not so good, think of it as a game. Think of life, your life as a big, fun, challenging game worth playing. All of your challenges, all of your hardships, everything is there for you to have fun, to be fulfilled, to feel blessed and to transcend it.

It is a blessing! You are here! That is THE gift! What ever is going on IS a gift! You ARE alive. You HAVE so much to be grateful for. There IS so much in the world that is good. YOU ARE ALIVE! YOU GET TO HAVE THIS EXPERIENCE! Accept it. Feel it. Celebrate it! You ‘IS’.

Life Does Not Get Better By Chance But By Change

Stop disliking and start accepting. Start receiving. Start learning. Learn from your challenges and opportunities. Learn from those difficult people and events. These are ALL gifts to you. You ARE lucky to have included them in this life of yours. Get it?

You may not  presently choose to think so, but when you do your life will begin to transform. All of life, ALL OF LIFE, is an incredible, precious gift. Yet, some choose to suffer, whine, complain, blame and excuse. They choose to fear, doubt, worry, get angry and hate.

They, you and I, can always choose, otherwise. Whether we do or not is up to each of us. That is yours and my responsibility. Inside every hardship is an equivalent seed of opportunity stated Napoleon Hill and others. Everything is a blessing and an opportunity to grow!

If You Want Your Life To Change You Must Change Some Things

Thought leaders through out  history have said that you are blessed. We are blessed.  Consider all of life a game and any frustrations and  challenges are part of the fun of playing the game. If there weren’t any hardships to endure and overcome it wouldn’t be much fun.

You wouldn’t want to play against anyone other than a worthy opponent, would you? Teams want to compete against the best teams, don’t they? Masters at their craft want to play or compete against other equal or better masters. Difficult people are yours.

It is what is. Realize it is all a game.  How you go through it depends on your attitude. That is the single most important factor! Your attitude makes all the difference in what you experience. Develop a positive, powerful, optimistic attitude. Be bigger than problems.

Life Is Too Short To Worry About Stupid Things – Have Fun

When obstacles and challenges arise think, ‘Bring it! Is that the best you have? I can handle anything!’ Then do it! Go for it. Adjust and continue. Find or create a way. Remain calm and centered. Be the eye of the hurricane. Live life by your terms not someone else’s.

Be grateful. Be happy. Feel delighted and thrilled with the opportunities and blessings that present so you can grow and evolve and become so much better. Steel is hardened by the flame. Diamonds are created under intense heat and pressure.

The kite rises highest against the wind. Accept and utilize what is. Correct and continue. Have fun. Be curious. Be an explorer and an adventurer. Play the game well. Play the game to win and have fun! Enjoy. Be grateful. Feel it! Express it. Celebrate everything!”

Delight, have fun. Explore today!

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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