If You Accept It Can You Still Change It?

“So, if I accept what is, does that mean I am stuck with it? Am I giving up if I accept the circumstances? It seems like I am surrendering rather than moving forward? If you have these or similar thoughts you are not alone. Many people wonder what to do and how.

What is IS what is. That’s the way it is. There is no changing that. It IS! You must understand this. You may want it different but it is what it is. Can you accept that? Can you accept the notion that it is what it is and that is all there is. There is nothing else at this moment. It IS!

So, accept it. It won’t help to fight it. You will be going up against the entire universe by resisting it. So stop. Accept it. Recognize that is what is. NOW, having done that it doesn’t mean you can’t do things to change it. First, accept that it couldn’t be otherwise.

The Best Way To Be Grateful Is To Accept Everything

You got what you got! Consider this. You get back what you are not what you want. According to the Law Of Attraction, you attract what you presently are. You get more of the same. Like attracts like. I use the the mirror example. If you frown you don’t reflect smiles.

You get back frowns. If you first accept, if everything is a blessing, then blessings are what you get back in return. If instead, you feel needy, or need something else, then you attract back need. If you resist you attract or create more resistance. So go with the flow.

Get it? Go with what is and accept it. If you have preferences of how it might be otherwise that isn’t the same as having a need or fighting it. Can you understand this? If you think, ‘I’d like to have more fun now’ and you become fun. Then you will get more fun back.

Everything Is Going To Be Great It May Not Seem Like It But It Is

Get it? Become what you want to receive! Accept that your actions are part of this process.  Don’t resist, because what you resist persists. Instead you allow. Accept. Receive.  Invite. Think. ‘I am bigger than my problems. These are there as a blessing.’

Obstacles are an opportunity for you to grow and evolve and develop in ways you would not otherwise do if they weren’t here The reason most people have problems is because they fight them. Embrace problems as blessings, allow them and accept them.

Then you will transcend them. You’ll find an entirely new way of being when everything is a blessing. When every moment is a gift, when every second is a joy, that is when your life is truly magnificent and incredible. You are invincible and unstoppable.

You Manifest And Create What You Want Whenever You Want

Some people mistake surrender and think it means giving up or giving in. I am not suggesting withdrawal or lack of action. You can swat a mosquito if you must. Surrender means understanding that this is the way things are, there may be a reason, or maybe not.

BUT this is how it is right now. You can take action and do whatever you feel inspired, led or intuit to do and move forward. Simply don’t be wedded to the outcome of having to manifest a certain absolute way. Allow for whatever to happen to happen. Get it? Allow!

Not resisting means you do not push back. You don’t fight it. You can take action without fighting. If you are traveling with the current in a canoe you can use the current to steer where you want to go without stopping the current. You go with the flow while steering.

You Always Go Where Your Thoughts Take You

The analogy may not be perfect, but hopefully it helps make the point. If you consider everything a blessing and opportunity you get to work on things and act on things you otherwise wouldn’t. That is a gift! You can create and attract too at the same time. Don’t fight!

Allow. Go with the flow while steering it in positive ways. Be grateful. Fill yourself up with passion and enthusiasm. Delight in everything and you will be attracting and creating more of it for yourself. You will be transforming everything when you celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

Be yourself today!

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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