How To Share Transformation With Loved Ones

Have you ever noticed that some of the people closest to you rain the most on your parade? They just don’t get where you are at. They may be very negative and think you are weird. They don’t get your new attitude or practices. They think you have lost it! Right?

Have you anyone like that in your life? You have transformed and experienced tremendous growth and feel on top of the world, moving forward, but some around you want to hold you back. Well, guess what. Most people don’t like change. They want to keep you!

They like or love you and if you change then what?  They want the same ole person they’ve always known. Can’t blame them really, our brains work to keep us the same too. Remember, your inner thermostat always works to keep it at the setting. People do too.

To Be Loved Be Willing To Love And Accept Others As They Are

Sad, but true. That is just the way it is.  We have changed and probably want to share with them and have them celebrate with us. What to do? When we try they get weird and tell us we are not the same person. They may say it nicely or not. What to do? Right?

First forgive them. Let it go. No matter how difficult it seems, let it go. Accept them as they are. You have changed they may or may not have. Allow them to be them and let it go. As for sharing your new found delights keep some things in mind. No one likes pushy.

We have an opportunity to help people who may be in need of what we know that can transform their lives. Isn’t that awesome? You want to share it. Just remember, not everyone wants to hear it or is ready to hear it. You heard it when you were ready, and not before.

You can’t Correct Your Mistakes By Pointing Out Other’s Mistakes

When the disciple is ready the master appears. You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make it drink. Our only responsibility is to lead. Be an example. Walk the talk.  When they are ready then maybe they will seek out what you have. Otherwise, let them be.

When they are ready they will find their path. Meanwhile love them. Bless them. Encourage them. Inspire them. Motivate them, but do not be evangelical. Don’t try to convert or convince. Don’t insist, don’t beg or complain. Let them be who they are.

Prepare a banquet and those who are hungry enough will come. Those who don’t, don’t. Those who come to the banquet may sample and enjoy certain things but not enjoy everything. Some won’t try much, but will eat the foods they already like.

Accept People As They Are Not How You Want Them To Be

Some will explore. Some will skimp. Some will feast. Some will eat and run. Others may stick around for awhile. IT is all good. Whatever it is, it is. Don’t make people conform to you. Allow them to be who they are each moment. Learn to accept. Learn to not be bothered.

Let your light shine. Don’t talk a lot about it to people who aren’t ready to listen. Let your light do your talking, instead. That is more than enough. Be known by your fruits and actions rather than your convincing words. Lead by example. Let your love be an example.

Don’t try to sell or persuade people into being different, but invite them. Then it is up to them whether or not they accept the invitation. Sometimes, if you don’t say anything about your changes they get curious and pester you. They really get curious.

Some Things Are A Mystery Not To Be Solved But To Be Enjoyed

They want you to reveal what you are doing that works and why what they’re doing doesn’t. Wait for the invitation, the request to explain. Then keep it simple and be brief. Don’t overload them with information and procedures. Let them extract it from you bit by bit.

When they are ready to explore more fully they will and you will have been a supportive person standing by with encouragement not someone nagging them to be different from who they presently are. Accept them.  Love them. Allow them to be as they are.

Forgive them. Forgive yourself, and accept what is as it is. It is all a blessing. Live fully and then like moths to the flame, people will want to know what you have that makes the difference. Yes, you can help them. Share it. Don’t push it. Celebrate Everything!” Rex Sikes

Allow and let go today!

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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