What You Can Do When You Are Suffering And In Pain

“Today, I suffered from some extreme nerve pain in my back, hip and all the way down my left leg. It is so intense I thought to go to urgent care to get some meds to sleep and help manage the pain. Then, I realized, I was not the pain. I am bigger than any obstacle.

I am not the thoughts but the thinker of the thoughts. This pain is here for me as a blessing to remedy what is out of alignment. It is a signal to me. BUT I am not the pain. Whatever anyone else choses is completely fine. This is my choice not a recommendation.

Use your own judgement. This is not medical advice. I went to the doctor who treated me and he said ‘Keep moving. Don’t sit.’ Standing and walking are nearly impossible. Sitting and lying down unbearable. It has made for a partly difficult day. Very intense.

Focus On The Goal Not On The Obstacle 

It nearly got the better of me. Then, I stopped and breathed and decided. I made a new choice. I determined to stop paying attention to the problem, the pain, and instead, focus on what feels good about my body in this moment. I decided to focus on what I want!

I focused on what felt the best rather than what felt the worst. I scan my body for where I feel the best, the most comfortable, and pay attention to that. Recently, I went on a grueling hike and engaged in some intense activities and used this principle to see me through.

I had to focus on where my body felt good while most of it was racked with pain. I focused on the beauty of the journey and where I was in nature instead of my physical limitations. I took my mind from suffering repeatedly and put it on more useful and delightful things.

Whatever You Focus On Expands And Grows Larger

It is all energy. Energy flows where attention goes. Attention goes where energy flows. I shifted where I placed my attention and allowed the energy of feeling good to take the place of feeling not so good. It is a moment to moment process at times. Still, I got relief!

Shifting from the pain requires me to stop and breath through it occasionally but I am managing. I’ll see the doctor again tomorrow for further treatment. When I determined the pain was a blessing rather than a problem I discovered much relief. NO, I am not ‘cured’.

The principle is to focus on what I am able to do. What I can do. Remove attention from the limitation and the ‘can’t’. Place attention on what I want, what I can do, and on that which moves me forward and gets me closer to my goal. Place the energy where it counts!

What You Focus On Is What You Get – You Create The Results

I’m not cured but I am moving forward, and learning I am not the pain. I am not the thoughts or feelings. I am the one beyond; who thinks the thoughts and feels the feelings. I can act in spite of mood, negative thinking or pain. I can focus my mind on what I want.

The mind is a tool and I am its master. It does not run me. I run my mind. Yes, I am sitting back, while typing this. Normally, an intensely painful position to be in. Still, I want to write this post and that means I go through it. I will be fine. I am fine. I AM! I am blessed.

I wanted to share. This is not about me, even while I share an experience. It’s about how to manage thoughts and take control of our thinking process to begin getting the results we want to get. It is learning to be bigger than problems and obstacles. Because we are.

If You Say You Have You Will Always Have What You Say

Sometime ago, I challenged my problems. I yelled, ‘bring it on’ and there has been no shortage of opportunity to learn and grow. Some repeated lessons, which I discussed recently. It is all good. I was and am happy to be able to shout, ‘bring it!’. They no longer detour me.

Problems, pain, negative thoughts and attitudes are all part of life. Someone once said, as children we aren’t responsible for the conditioning and negative programming we ended up with. As adults, however, we are 100% responsible for changing it.

This blog, my mission, is about this very point. You and I can change our old conditioning and create new powerful, positive, supportive conditioning that empowers us to get the results we want and deserve to get. We can make what we want happen. We truly can!

Change The Story You Keep Telling Yourself And Change Your Life

Your life can and will change! This is why I write this blog. I want you to know you can live life by your own design and on your own terms. There are things you can do, practices you can apply, principles you can adopt, habits you can create that will transform you!

When you do these your life will change for the better. Gratitude and attitude are a massive part of it. Inspiration and encouragement another massive part. Take control of your thoughts and feelings. Read and listen to positive messages. Visualize and affirm. Meditate and reflect. Create positive powerful daily rituals that serve you.  Be grateful and celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

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Celebrate no matter what!

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  1. Thanks! I am a master hypnotist and hypnotherapist as well. I am familiar with many forms of pain relief. I am working in a different arena on myself. Still, it is good to list and know what resources are available. Thanks for sharing.

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