What I Learned From Manifesting Parking Spaces

“What I learned from manifesting a parking space I didn’t expect to actually get. Miracles happen. Lessons abound. Keep the faith. Make things happen and accept whatever is. I settled for the first spot instead of risking and going for the one right in front.

So what it is all good. It is what it is. Allow it. Trust it. Continue to create and attract and allow and accept. Don’t try to push the water. Understand that this or something better exists for me. Everything IS a blessing, an opportunity and a learning. Take from that. Learn.

I got exactly what I wanted. A spot right in front AND a back up spot. Precisely, as I imagined them. I created the back up because I wasn’t convinced I could get the first spot. Always go for what you want. In this case I got both and took the second one because it was there.

What You Think And Feel Always Manifests – Do You Notice It

I encountered it first. Rather to be safe than sorry I snatched it. The other one was around the corner waiting. I couldn’t see around the corner. My unexpected good was right there. It would be easy to blame or make myself wrong but NOPE. That isn’t the case.

I created what I wanted. I got what I was ready in that moment to accept. No harm no foul. All is good. I don’t take this to mean take more risks. Nope. I did what I did. What amazes me most is that even while I didn’t believe I could have what I wanted I got all of it.

Then I didn’t take the prime spot. So what. I create or attracted or lucked into both spots. Whatever you want to think about it there are lessons here. What are yours? I am still learning from it. I could say more but enough for today. Bottom line celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

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