The Universe Is Always On Your Side: Are You On Your Side?

“Imagine a game, similar to what we played as children. Let’s play  hide and seek. Only in this version, you hide yourself. You take on a disguise and then you forget that is what you did. You have amnesia for who you actually are. You only remember the disguised persona.

Think of it this way. You are the ocean. You pretend you are a droplet of ocean. Then you forget you are the ocean. You only think you are the droplet. Separate from the ocean. Limited by who you are and what you can do. You forget you are the powerful ocean. Imagine!

Yet, that is what many ancient mystics and philosophers allege. We are source, playing a game with ourself. We hide that we are source so we can find ourself once again, sometime. We make the game challenging so we have fun discovering who we truly are.

The Universe Is On Your Side – Always Working In Your Favor

If true, this means that everything that happens is for a reason. Everything is designed to wake us up to who we actually are underneath the disguise of self. This means, everything, no matter what it is, IS a blessing. It’s helpful to us even when it doesn’t seem it.

Every little thing right or wrong, every big joyous moment or horrendous disaster is all for our good. It’s there to help us; allow, and accept and remember, who we are inside. When we fight these moments or circumstances or people we remain unaware. Asleep.

When we learn from them and embrace them we have an opportunity to wake up, to become aware. Even if this is not actually the case in the universe, it is a great reframe to evolve and transform yourself. It helps us remember to look for the good in all things.

When You Want Something The Universe Conspires To Help You 

If the universe cares enough to fashion all the experiences so you can wake up to the truth, what about you? Do you care enough to wake up? If the universe is on your side, what about you? Shouldn’t you be on your own side, too? Seems that makes the most sense.

If you can find within yourself a way to be happy and contented, to feel grateful, no matter what is occurring around you, then you are becoming free and beginning to be able to design your own life. You aren’t the victim of any people, events, or circumstance. Get that?

You no longer are the victim! Whatever life hurls at you, you can handle. You are bigger than any obstacles. You can go with the flow. You adjust and continue. You find or create a way. You don’t blame, or excuse or whine, you celebrate and live joyously and victoriously.

Be Mindful Your Self Talk Is A Conversation With The Universe 

I say, recognize who you are. Wake up. Learn from everything that happens to you in every moment of the day. You always have choice points. You can react from prior conditioning or you can learn to respond from awareness. You choose which you prefer to live by.

Make your life the life you want by appreciating everything you have, don’t have and all that happens to you. Imagine that it is the Universe’s way of getting your attention so that you delight more, find the good more, and feel grateful more often. When you do this, you are able to celebrate everything. When you can do that, you are truly free! So celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

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